Scandals There will Be, but Have Peace…

Paula Adamick has a take on a powerful new book by Jennifer Roback Morse, ‘The Sexual State’, outlining the government’s role in aiding, abetting and outright fostering the revolution of our morals and customs in the sexual and marital sphere, and almost all for the worse. The transvaluation of all values, as Nietzsche put it, calling men, women, fornication, sodomy and all sorts of other aberrations ‘true love’, and good, evil, and evil, good.

As Ms. Adamick, following Dr. Morse, argue, the State, ironically one might think, is using sex, something ordered directly to children, to reduce the population. But by making sex sterile, used only for pleasure – even if that pleasure is rationalized in the context of mutual friendship, or, as they say now, between transitory ‘partners’ – babies are now often seen as ‘enemies’, a product to be avoided, or terminated if that fails.

One way to ensure that sex is sterile – besides contraception and its fruit, abortion – indeed never produces the babies for which it was ordained by God, is to promote homosexuality. And this incipient disorder is fostered by the State even amongst the youngest of the young, especially by means of the (State funded) educational system, and now by our (State funded) health care. Just imagine a psychiatrist trying to ‘cure’ same-sex attraction or a gender-confusion in a child, normal actions that are now illegal.

Is there a vast conspiracy, a veritable ‘lavendar mafia’ infecting even the very Church, the Bride of Christ, against whom the gates of hell were promised not to prevail? Archbishop Vigano seems to think so – there is evidence thereof in the last half-century, and the Archbishop has the means to know first-hand. In his most recent letter, responding to Cardinal Oullet’s response to his original letter, he has doubled down on his claim that there is a homosexual ‘network’ within the Church, which very few in authority – even those who profess full orthodoxy – want to name and deal with.

To ‘conspire’ means to ‘breathe together’, to have a common pursuit, to plan to achieve a goal, which all of us do – hopefully for non-nefarious purposes – and there is evidence that the Church, from seminaries to chanceries to youth offices, has been infiltrated with a rot that must be exposed and cast out, one way or the other, even if we must wade through a mountain of scandals, so the Church may breathe again the pure air of clear doctrine.  We have a grave duty to hand on the truth untainted to the next generation, not just the hierarchy, but also us laity, as teachers and parents.

And as was said in the homily this morning at our Alumni Mass, we must in all of this avoid anxiety, complete what tasks we have been given, andn speak out as we must, keeping our loins girded and our lamps lit, firmly convinced that after what travails there will be, the victory is Christ’s.