Sam Against the Liberal Leviathan

Well, I have expanded my thoughts on young Sam Oosterhoff standing against the Liberal Leviathan, stumbling over our landscape and crushing just about everything in its wake. You can find the article for now on Crisis, and will be posted here soon.  The editor there gave me pause for thought:  Sam could not vote on the idiotic bill, for he was being sworn in the day after.  A clever ploy, perhaps from Patrick Brown, the Conservative ‘leader’, who demanded that all either vote aye, or stay home. Did he know Sam would disobey,  so delayed his swearing in by that one convenient day?  One wonders…

An ominous note I came across a couple of days ago from down south in America:  The government has decided to ‘forgive’ over $100 billion in student debt. This, dear reader, is only the tip of the iceberg.  There are over one trillion dollars in unpaid student debt floating around the financial house like some toxic sludge, just waiting to wreak havoc.  The same is true here in Canada, proportionately so, only, unlike the States, we already pay most of the cost of students’ education, with all the ballooning costs of professors and administrators, and they still whine and complain. Of course, the government cannot really ‘forgive’ anyone’s debt, for someone has to cough up, as many discovered in the 2008 financial crisis, with their retirement savings going up like poof to pay off Wall Street’s reckless and avaricious financing.  And the ‘government’ stands just for you and me, who are now on the hook for all those young minds wasted, deformed and all-too-often wallowing in ignorance in their four-five-ten year stint at what now passes for the modern university, replete with crying rooms and crayons, coerced speech and political correctness run amok, just like their debts.

But on a note of hope, I wish all readers a very joyous and blessed Advent, a season of hope and expectation, wherein we prepare our minds and hearts to welcome Christ not only as a child at Christmas, but also His final Advent, at the end of time and history, which, as He prophesied, will happen at an hour we, or perhaps many, may not expect.  So keep your loins girded and the lamps of your minds lit with the light of Truth, Who has indeed come into this world.