Saint Henry Morse, Priest of the Plague

I stumbled on this absorbing short film on the life of the English martyr, Saint Henry Morse (+1645), who spent significant part of his secret missionary apostolate ministering to plague victims, in what was still-anti-Catholic Britain under Charles I (who was married to the Catholic Henriette Maria).

His life, like all the lives of the saints, provides many lessons for our modern era, not least in what ‘risks’ a priest should take – to himself and others  – to offer the sacraments to Catholics deprived of them, as well as the shape of resistance to unjust authority. The only ‘sheltering in place’ for these holy and hardy men was when they were thrown into filthy dungeons, and even then…

Saint Henry Morse was hung, drawn and quartered at Tyburn on the first of February, 1645, giving glory and praise to God for such a death. As a young man, he had prayed for the grace of the trifecta of virginity, learning and martyrdom in his pursuit of holiness, and he achieved all three.

Anon, give it a glance, and be inspired.