Rheinberger’s Abendlied

    Josef Rheinberger Wikipedia.org

    Josef Rheinberger (+ 1901), a native of tiny Liechtenstein, but resident of Germany for most of his life, was a prolific fin de siècle composer, known mostly for his complex, beautiful concerti for organ, on which instrument he was a master.  Yet his most recognized piece is his Abendlied (evening song), a transcendent polyphonic motet in six voices, the first version of which he composed in 1855, just before his sixteenth birthday. Hmm. Youth is not what it once was. The text recounts the story of two disciples on the road to Emmaus. Although we have left the Easter season, each Sunday is a celebration of the resurrection, so enjoy:

    And, as an added bonus, here is his first organ concerto: