Jean de Brebeuf, Prayers for Canada, and Take Heart

Peace, to one and all of our readers!

I trust everyone is hale and healthy, and keeping that interior peace which only Christ brings.

A brief reminder that March 16th is the actual day of the martyrdom of Saint Jean de Brebeuf, and today, the 17th, his companion in his missionary heroic endeavours, Saint Gabriel Lalemant, was put to death for the Faith, both after many hours of torture. They are mighty intercessors for Canada, so pray to them, along with, of course, today’s Saint Patrick and, of course, our own inimitable Saint Joseph on Friday – but more on that, anon.

So we are in good hands, whatever may transpire over the next days, weeks and months. Trust in God, and I will praise Him still, my Saviour and my God.

Oremus pro invicem, in caritate et veritate,