Prayerful Peaceful Standoffs

This is incredible – An incarnate image of the power of prayer, community and resolve. This is about freedom, and fundamental human rights, and we hope the police and politicians and all those sitting on the fence, see this as well. Join us – you’d be more than welcomed, where there’s singing and dancing, and, of course, prayer.

Meanwhile, protests have grown across the world, inspired by the Canadian truckers – Go, Canada! In New Zealand, they have tried to dissuade and disperse protestors camped out in front of parliament with Barry Manilow and the Macarena on endless loop – which reminds me of what the U.S. did to Manuel Noriega back in 1989, but with heavy metal music. So far, it hasn’t worked – they just sing and dance to their own music, belted out even louder. Neither has dousing them with sprinklers, as they lay down hay and dig trenches. Adapt.

Pray for those in Ottawa, that they continue to stand firm, in peace and good-will, in their own resolve, as Trudeau, Butts and company, who seem not so peaceful nor good-willed, grow more desperate, and begin to flail.

There is, of course, an easy solution to all of this – drop the unjust and overbearing mandates, which most Canadians don’t want anyway, and allow people to make their own choices, in glorious God-given freedom.

For Trudeau, in his hubris, it’s perpetual vaccines for one and all, with the hyper-totalitarian control and panopticon surveillance they imply, an insidious and an invidious denial of every one of our rights – basically, turning Canada into China, a governing system Trudeau has admitted to admiring. And all must submit, or he will burn the house down.

Who’s the lawless one here?

May God’s grace, power and peace be with you all! +