Pray for Canada

It’s getting darker out here!

No, your eyes do not deceive you. Nor does the steady drumbeat of depressing news confirming that, since the election of the Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government in 2015, the moral fabric of Canada has become ever more frayed, making any repair seem highly unlikely.

While it’s true this process of the Liberal demoralization of Canada began decades ago, the consequences of the Trudeau election have been so consistently negative that the consequences of the upcoming October election now seem crucial to the very survival of Canada. Which Justin Trudeau has publicly called the world’s “first post-national state”, meaning that, in his view, it’s not even a real country anymore.

But first to the latest laundry list of negatives: On August 17, a four-hour Satanic Black Mass was held in Ottawa. Said to be the first of its kind in Canadian history, Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Prendergast condemned the event as “vile” and “hateful” and urged all Catholics to pray in reparation for the spiritual harm being planned and warned the ritual would affect more than those participating in it.

Organized by Nicholas Marc, national director of the Satanic Temple in Canada, the blasphemous ritual took place at The Koven, a heavy metal bar located blocks away from Notre Dame Basilica.

In response, seven priests and over 120 Catholics, blessed by Archbishop Prendergast and Auxiliary Bishop Guy Desrochers of Cornwall, prayed outside the bar as the ritual took place inside. This while a number of other priests, and members of the Sisters of the Queenship of Mary remained behind in the Cathedral with the bishops for Adoration while still others did laps around the block praying the rosary in Latin as they walked.

“It was a tremendous witness to faith,” wrote Michael Dopp, one of the organizers of the vigil, in an email to supporters. “It struck me as I followed them that while Satan wishes to push Christians to the peripheries, this brought us into the light.”

Tolerance-numbed Canada

Yet isn’t such a public event further evidence that the forces of evil have become so unopposed and so emboldened in tolerance-numbed Canada because they know they will be protected under the government’s notion of Free Speech? And that anyone criticizing them will be instantly labelled a hateful bigot or worse?

And didn’t this same perverse assurance pervade Hallelujah, that “controversial” video of a profane dance performed in the sanctuary of an historic Catholic Church in Montreal earlier this year? Set in the sanctuary of St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church to promote a message of “tolerance” by juxtaposing messages of “hate,” religious images and homoerotic choreography, LGBT activist Matthew Richardson claims to have hoped “not to say something bad about religion,” despite the fact that his performance within the church may have constituted acts of sacrilege and desecration under Canon Law.

The Beginnings of Lawlessness

Question: why are such events now occurring publicly and proudly? Answer: Such events have now become in-your-face proclamations that the society where they were once forbidden and where they are now occurring has lost or rejected all sense of traditional morality and even decency. Or, at the very least, lost the will to combat any and all violations of that sense of morality – the Judeo-Christian morality – on which Western law and the Canadian social contract has been based from its earliest civil history.

These are also the harbingers of a true lawlessness emerging wherein perpetrators fear no serious opposition.

Which is what appears to have happened in this post-national state, ruled by an ideologue trying to force Canada to conform to his secular green ideology and all its orthodoxies, including a globalism which despises nationalism and seeks to dissolve all borders to aid the eventual imposition of a one-world government.

So no one should be surprised that the foreign portfolios of Justin Trudeau’s government are in such disarray and dysfunctionality – from Saudi Arabia, the Philippines and India to China where two Canadians languish in prison as hostages to Canada’s political fortunes while Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, remains under house arrest in Vancouver at the behest of the U.S. government. Nor do either Trudeau or his foreign minister Chrystia Freeland, appear to have a clue what to do about any of this as the Chinese government tightens the noose further on the economy with boycotts on Canadian farm products such as canola.

The SNC Lavalin Fiasco

Not that the prime minister appears overly concerned with the chaos around him. Apparently he’s had more pressing issues to deal with, namely the SNC-Lavalin file for which he has been accused and found guilty of applying undue pressure on his attorney general, Jody Wilson-Raybould, to bend to his will that this major donor to the Liberal Party and the Trudeau Foundation not be prosecuted on various criminal charges. Raybould refused and a major scandal ensued suggesting that, to this prime minister, the end justifies the means. Which was confirmed yet again in the recent report by Canada’s ethics commissioner, Mario Dion, who found that not only did the Trudeau government stonewall his investigation into the SNC Lavalin Affair, he also found that the prime minister had violated conflict of interest laws in “many ways” for which Trudeau has refused to apologize. Making him the first prime minister in Canadian history to be found guilty of such violations and now for the second time.

Then the stench rose even higher August 21 when Trudeau’s Liberals shut down an Opposition bid to hear Dion elaborate on his findings, prompting further accusations of Liberal obstruction of justice. “Our Liberal colleagues had a chance to do the right thing…instead they joined the prime minister in attempting this cover-up,” said MP Peter Kent. “They are complicit in his attempted obstruction of justice.” Which the RCMP may or may not be investigating.

Bottom line: How will any or all of the above influence Canadians to vote on October 21?

Suffering in the Post-National State

On Trudeau’s side is the fact that, as a nation, Canada has become increasingly fractured, fragmented and even incoherent over the past half century of the Jacobin politics and godless social engineering the Liberal Party has managed to impose on it, rendering this country morally unrecognizable. All in the name of human rights, equality and, ahem, unity!

And the result? According to Maclean`s Magazine, Canada has become “a Nation of Strangers” – a nation where every region and every province sits in isolation. And though a Canadian in Prince Edward Island and one in British Columbia may speak a similar language they are divided by far more than their accents.

They are suffering unequally too, mainly as a consequence of the Liberals’ punishing environmental policies.

Take Alberta, where much political theatre has been performed over building the Trans Mountain Pipeline which the Trudeau government has appeared to support while at the same time allowing a painful series of delays.

In 2016, the federal Liberals approved the Trans Mountain expansion. But when the pressure to bring the project to fruition intensified in May 2018 after a deeply frustrated Kinder Morgan Canada backed away due to the endless legal challenges and fractious politics, the government bought the pipeline for $4.5 billion, saying it would build the expansion and then sell it back to a private investor.

Then voila! On the very day the Liberals shut down the Opposition’s request to question Mario Dion, the government announced that the Trans Mountain will at long last proceed. Just eight weeks before the election too!

But Edmonton Conservative MP Matt Jeneroux isn’t buying this latest move either. “Canadians have heard time and time again that Justin Trudeau wants to get pipelines built, yet in four years he has done the exact opposite,” Jeneroux said in an emailed statement to the Canadian Press. He`s right to be skeptical, particularly given that six British Columbia First Nations and at least two environment groups have already filed new court challenges against approval of the pipeline.

Nor is Jeneroux alone in his scepticism. Days earlier, in an almost unnoticed vote of no-confidence on the future of oil in Alberta, the Financial Post announced the Koch Brothers are quietly leaving Canada. Turns out the Wichita, Kansas-based conglomerate Koch Industries has just sold off its substantial position in the Canadian oil sands. A non-confidence vote if there ever was one! And just days after oil sands analysts bemoaned the poor response the industry has been receiving from investors, despite its continuing efforts to cut costs.

The Post also listed a half-dozen other international companies that have abandoned the oil sands since 2017, leaving Canadian firms such as Suncor Energy Inc., Canadian Natural Resources Ltd., Cenovus Energy Inc., and Athabasca Oil Corporation to solidify their holdings and survive. Somehow.

The culprit? These departures are the direct result of a lack of export pipeline capacity. Translation: it appears the Trudeau government has been silently trying to wean Canada off oil and it’s been enormously – and depressingly – successful.

The Digital Charter

Meanwhile, with all this going on, Canadians can be forgiven for failing to notice the Trudeau government’s recently delivered Digital Charter – a charter some pundits have labelled a convenient mechanism for the complete destruction of free speech in Canada, wherein eventually only government approved speech and thought will be tolerated.

The excuse for this new charter? Launched in May within days of Canada signing the Christchurch Call to Action (following the March 15th terrorist attack against two mosques in New Zealand where 51 people were killed and 50 injured) as yet another government-led drive for more censorship in the name of fighting “terrorist and violent extremist content online” – this so-called Digital Charter, meant to promote “trust in a digital world”, contains ten principles, three of which deal with hate speech and disinformation. Yet it contains no definition of what constitutes “hate”, making it a catchall for whatever the government deems politically inopportune or outside Liberal orthodoxy.

All the while, shootings and stabbings increase exponentially in Toronto and other large centres. As do fatal car accidents resulting from impaired driving, though media are careful not to disclose what caused the impairment – be it alcohol or drugs such as now-legal cannabis, another Trudeau achievement.

Nor is the real cause of the rise in general existential misery ever acknowledged. Marked by increasing mental illness, suicide, homelessness, drug use, violence and poverty, this misery is almost always connected to the collapse of the family which has long been the goal of socialist and sexual revolutionary policies the world over, seeking to replace the family with the State.

And since this can never be publicly admitted or addressed openly by serious people without drawing hostile accusations of intolerance, bigotry, homophobia, toxic masculinity, white supremacy and racism, the elephant remains silent in the room.

Not that the Liberals have a monopoly on this. They do not. As evidenced recently by the failure of Doug Ford`s Ontario Tories to eradicate the sex-ed curriculum handed down by the Kathleen Wynne Liberal government and publicly loathed by so many parents. And as evidenced by

the disallowing of certain political candidates hoping to run for Andrew Scheer`s Progressive Conservatives. How else does one explain the terse “Not Wanted” announcements to such candidates as Dr. Ann Gillies, author of a book on gender dysphoria, and Professor Salim Mansour, whose writings could be construed as ‘Islamaphobic’ – both solid social conservatives whose candidacies, among others too numerous to mention, might raise challenges to the Tories’ LGBTQ credentials? And force the elephant to talk?

God forbid that their political presence might give Canadians looking for a return to sanity candidates to vote for! But no. Apparently, just as former Prime Minister Stephen Harper steered well clear of the abortion issue, Scheer’s Tories appear equally frightened of being labelled intolerant bigots for having any moral opinions at all. Nor does it appear to occur to them that they are also closing out two critically important options: 1) providing a new forum for Canadians to discuss the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of what’s happened this country’s morals; 2) providing candidates who dissent from the secular agenda that’s been imposed on this country from on high and without a vote for half a century. Not for abortion. Not for euthanasia. And not for any of the other ‘wrongs’ now promoted as ‘rights’ in our increasingly soul-sickened culture.

Yet it’s perfectly fine for Justin Trudeau to go around apologizing for a host of Canada`s politically incorrect crimes of centuries ago while no one is allowed to raise questions about the moral crimes going on right now as a consequence of the current destructive libertine agenda masking as “freedom”.

The Eternal Answer

To all this, there is only one answer, one response. And it has always been the same. Canadians must pray. Daily. Fervently. And faithfully to the Lord, Our God, to intervene in the growing disarray, moral travails and turpitude of this country – most of which are correctible with a return to God and most of which were always bogus “freedoms” in the first place.

Begin those prayers with a daily rosary which Saint John Paul II deemed our greatest weapon against the snares of the devil and the misery of this world. And, if so moved, you may participate in the 54-Day Novena for Canada which begins August 28, the feast of Saint Monica who prayed for so many years for the conversion of her son, St. Augustine, whose manifesto on the power and superiority of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is unrivalled to this day:

Let those who say that the teachings of Christ are harmful to the State find armies with soldiers who live up to the standards of the teachings of Jesus. Let them provide governors, husbands and wives, parents and children, masters and servants, kings, judges, taxpayers and tax collectors who can compare to those who take Christian teachings to heart. Then let them dare to say that such teaching is contrary to the welfare of the State! Indeed, under no circumstances can they fail to realize that this teaching is the greatest safeguard of the State when faithfully observed.

The novena ends October 20. Four Day Novena.pdf

Remember too that no prayer goes unanswered. And that praying for your country, its statesman, its laws and its people are part of your daily duty as a citizen. And that if you pray daily and faithfully, you may not see it directly but believe through the Lord, Jesus Christ, that lives and laws that you never touched will be altered and evils banished. You may never see the mighty work of your prayers, but the Lord, God sees it. And evil sees it.

Lastly, remember Saint Joseph, protector of Our Lord Jesus and Our Blessed Mother and also patron and protector of Canada, to pray for us and our country. Amen.


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Paula Adamick is founding editor of The Canada Post, the newspaper serving the Canadian expat community in the United Kingdom (about 200,000 of us) from 1997 to 2012. With a BA in English and Journalism and a UK Masters degree in International Journalism, Adamick has also served as arts correspondent for The Scotsman and as a frequent contributor to The Evening Standard, and The Daily Mail (all UK) as well as to Canadian publications such as Challenge and Catholic Insight.