Living Liminally with the O Antiphons

One of the missions of Catholic Insight is to reinvigorate our liturgical and liminal life – we should always be living on the ‘threshold’ of eternity, and the way to do that – or the Way – is to live a life immersed in liturgy, which means, in fellowship and grace with Christ, His Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph (especially in this year), and all the saints and angels. All the while, of course, going about our daily business, but even better than before, for we will do all things ad maiorem Dei gloriam.

Hence, for now, to delve more fully into this proximate preparation for Christmas, we celebrate the ancient O Antiphons, mentioned in a recent post, but here for more full explanation, see this reflection here from C.C. Pecknold, or peruse the ongoing thoughts of Father Raymond de Souza. As Father Callam exhorts this morning, we should await with great longing the birth of our Saviour!

And, of course, delve into the Church’s rich musical tradition – Handel’s Messiah I have re-posted, and other treasures to follow.