Jordan Schachtel, P.I.

(Someone has passed along to Catholic Insight a website by Jordan Schachtel, dedicated to investigative journalism, especially on the continuing Covidian debacle. After a brief glance, I would say that it bears, well, investigating. Whatever your mind at present, keep it open, for whatever there is behind this thing, seems murkier with each passing day):

Here, a clear article about the untouchable Dr. Fauci, highest paid Federal Employee in the U.S., 52 years in the bureaucracy.

So what of Dr. Theresa Tam, we may wonder: What be her salary and accountability?

And wander into the shadowy world of whistle-blower Dr. Yan.

As Jordan writes…

If Yan and her backers are truly committed to stopping China, they should curb the COVID-19 hysteria, admit they were catastrophically wrong on the danger posed by the virus, and focus on promoting the immediate end to the unbelievably damaging restrictions they support. The continuation of their hysterical “bioweapon” narrative will only serve to legitimize more punishing restrictions that will continue to elevate China’s position on the world stage.”

And more…

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