Is the Bible Green?

Here is an ad that just landed in my inbox:

I don’t know about you, but any Bible with an ideological adjective is suspect, especially when the ideology itself is suspect. ‘Green’ comes with a lot baggage, not much of it good. nd if by ‘green’ we mean taking good and proper stewardship of the earth, by a rational subjugation of raw nature to our human ends and purposes to fulfil our properly ordered needs, well, I have no beef with that, but that’s not quite what those who use the term ‘green’ usually means, is it? And how, pray tell, does a planet suffer? People on the planet suffer, for planets live not. And, speaking of people, their ideal planet has far fewer of them, doing fewer things and having far fewer children.

I would prefer a ‘pro-life’ Bible, but isn’t every Bible ‘pro-life’? And supportive of men and women, not only having children, but using our planet’s plentiful resources to support a flourishing, full life.

Go forth and multiply, and subdue the Earth.

We may speak of Francis, peace and the universal condemnation of war at some point – is there a peaceful Bible? A recent article describes the bellicose proficiency of the Jewish people – but, for now, we will leave you with that words in the mouth the angels on that Christmas night for which we are preparing:

Peace on earth, and to all people of good will.