Emily at 24 and Euthanasia

This video is not easy to watch, so be forewarned. However, it does signify in a visceral, personal way why we should not kill people – not least, the mentally ill; that people don’t really want to die; and that if more knew of God and His love, how much more bearable, even joyful, their lives would be.

Stop Bill C-7 dead in its tracks – it would make it easy to murder people like Emily. Ironic, that she is 24 in the video, the age that many youthful saints went to eternity – Saint Therese, Blessed Pier Giorgio, Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows (Saint Gemma Galgani was 25 a month before her death).

Would that Emily had found some bearer of that salvific good news, instead of a trifecta of nice but murderous psychiatrists, but we pray for mercy upon all: