Covid and Its Consequences

Draconian Covid protocols are becoming more and more unhinged, sort of like Joe Biden’s apparent’ ‘victory’, and their connection with anything approximating reality more and more difficult to sustain. Locking people in their homes, and forbidding them access to anyone not in their ‘households’ is, quite simply, evil – and especially for those untold numbers – millions – who live alone, condemning them to solitary confinement.

And for what? To control a virus that untold numbers – the overwhelming majority – survive unscathed? Might we presume that Covid is only mortal for those with co-morbid conditions? Do they die with Covid, but not of Covid?

Sweden is an a posteriori case in point – and God bless those socialist Swedes who still believe in freedom – no mandatory masks, nor social distancing, and their ‘Covid numbers’ are no different from anywhere else, perhaps even lower.

Whatever be the case, the principle of double effect and proportionate response requires that the short-and-long term consequences of any policies be seriously considered – spiritual, psychological, medical, socio-economic. Future epidemiologists – if that fraught field even survives this debacle – may well find that far more people have died, are dying, and will die, from the protocols than from whatever Covid might do. And even besides dying, all the suffering, the lost opportunities, the despair, malaise, that each of us must fight with faith, hope, charity and that Catholic spirit that cannot be subdued.

We might only hope that these are unintended consequences, half-blind policies driven by bug-eyed fear and panic – more on that in a later post – and not, as some hold, actually intended, planned in the cool, clear light of day, to subdue us as a populace, and prepare for the ominous Great Reset.

I was glad to read that in some rare locales – Spain in this case – even the police are beginning to revolt, and you may as well glance at this video soon, for it is being taken down and censored by the usual suspects.

One thing Covid – or at least its ancillary protocols – is killing is the truth, dying a slow, hard death. But we know the truth unkillable, immortal, and impossible ultimately to suppress. Eventually it – or He – will win out. But we may have a bit of a journey through the shadows of half-lies, full-lies and deceit first.

On that note, we will further thoughts on the McCarrick report soon.

For now, as Thomas More advised in his own dark days, keep thy wits about you.