Courage, Conviction and Conservatism

Our mind-numbing, tax-crazy, abortion-euthanasia-climate-gender-sex-obsessed, debt-and-deficit-be-damned embarrassment of a government just gets worse by the day. And, although I am not one for posting privately filmed videos, if a public figure is going to admit something in public about what they do while ‘working’ on the public dime, I will make an exception. So here is Catherine McKenna, Liberal Minister of the Environment and ‘Climate Change’, in a pub in St. John’s, Newfoundland, admitting that if you shout something loud and often enough, it will somehow become the truth. The clip has to be seen to be believed, for it signifies what sort of people, and their mindset, who are running our nation. Where, oh, where are the men? And, by that, I don’t mean those simply with an XY genotype.

And what are we to say of the Conservatives under Andrew Scheer, whose ‘conservativism’ seems limited to light economic policies, as in, balancing the budget in five years instead of two?

You may recall the video of Mr. Scheer being interviewed by some radical feminist or other in a pub – the aptly named ‘Big Crow’, for that was what he seemed to be eating – and I could almost feel his pain, the very sweat on his finely-honed political brow, in his attempt to be agreeable, to smile that smile, and say nothing remotely offensive, or that even may be construed as such. (I would put that more vividly, but not in this forum). About abortion, he claims that ‘political parties’ should not be the ‘agent of change’ in this area. By that, I presume he means the government, which apparently now has no obligation to defend the life of the most defenseless? Has he read Evangelium Vitae, particularly paragraphs 70 or so and onwards, where Pope John Paul exhorts in the most vigorous terms the obligation we have to instantiate laws protecting life? When asked whether he’s a ‘feminist’, our future possible Conservative Prime Minister replies with a vigorous ‘Absolutely!’, adding that ‘nothing should be closed to women’, including, I may presume, such things as front-line combat. What of women transitioning to ‘men’?

Would that Mr. Scheer shouts as loudly as Ms. Mckenna what he really thinks, or what I hope he really thinks.

What we need is a revolution, at least in a metaphorical sense, to turn the whole ship around, for where we’re headed, it’s looking to be a lot worse than the wreckage of that fateful night of April 15th, 1912.

People are fed up with the comfortable status quo, scarcely distinguishable politicians droning on – or, as Ms. McKenna advocates, shouting – in platitudes until they pick up their life-long golden goose egg pensions and perks. As the debacle of the Tory and Labour parties in the United Kingdom just demonstrated, the masses – like lost sheep without a shepherd – are itching for change, the former receiving its worst electoral drubbing since 1687, and the latter its worst in over a century. They are gone and goner.

But where do we turn in Canada, where almost everyone is zombified by the bland, socialist, marshmallow education system, from K-1 to grad school, walking lock-step reciting the same mindless mantras as Ms. McKenna?

We need to wake up, gird our loins, and prepare for the fight to save what remains. As Christ promises, the Holy Spirit will bring us into ‘all the truth’, and for that truth, we must live and, yes, even in some sense, be willing to die. Cowardice and complaisance are no longer options, dear reader, but rather courage and conviction.

They have it, so why can’t we?