Corrigenda, College and Manson

A correction to a recent post, in which I mentioned that the Canadian Military was hosting a job fair for transgenders.  Well, it turns out that a transgender individual, whose sex I will not mention for fear of getting it ‘wrong’, is hosting said job fair, and has invited the Canadian Military.  The comments from the officer, about valuable diversity and such, still stand. On guard. For thee.  Or something to that effect.

College students are back in school today, as their teachers were legislated back to work by the Ontario government.  Welcome to socialism 101, with schools, from Kindergarten to Ph.D. all under the sway of bureaucrats, and the legions of highly compensated comfortable professors, then the legions of sessional workers, living off the crumbs from their masters’ tables, with the legions of students in this morass, their education mostly underwritten by the taxpayer.

I am with Chesterton and the Church on this, that education should be a private affair, that is, mostly out of the hands of the government, a transaction between students and their teachers, so both students and money go where talent, truth and an integral education all coalesce in a wonderful harmony.

Charles Manson has died, of ‘natural causes’, apparently, going the way of all flesh. He was 83, thus living out a tad more than his ‘three score and ten’, a milestone he denied his victims.  I am not sure how much good use Manson made of the time God gave him in prison to reflect and ponder and, hopefully, repent. What does one say about one of the most notorious of murderers and cult leaders, not just of the 20th century? Morality meant little to Manson, except to subvert it, incarnating that dictum of Nietzsche, that all values must be trans-valued, turned inside-out, the very doctrine and praxis of anti-Christ, moral chaos and anarchy.

We may hope that Mr. Manson made some sort of peace with God before shuffling off this mortal coil. There is more hope for his victims, one may suppose, whom Manson will now have to face, but God’s mercy is infinite, along with His justice, both coincident with His eternal Being.  But God wills the salvation of all men, and will hound us to the very end. Some foxes, alas, will escape even the grasp of the Almighty, that whole mystery of free-will, liberum arbitrium, literally the ‘free choice’ we all must make for or against good and evil, heaven and hell, God and, well, the other…