Consecration and Conversion

It has been announced that the Holy Father will formally consecrate Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on Friday, March 25th, the solemnity of the Annunciation (and the Incarnation). Readers may peruse the convoluted history and debate on the consecration of Russia, requested by Our Lady of Fatima, and whether it has been done, not been done, or been partially done. Our Lady also warned that if Russia were not consecrated, the nation would spread its errors – that is, those of atheistic Communism – around the world, and we need not look far to see that most nations have to some significant extent fallen under its insidious sway.

There is the parallel discussion on whether the full ‘Third Secret’ of Fatima has been revealed, with some claiming the real secret mentions Kiev and Ukraine. There is the problem with this hypothesis that Pope John Paul and Josef Ratzinger claimed that what was disclosed in the Jubilee Year of 2000 was all there was.

Anon, we should focus on the consecration at hand, which will indeed, we may presume, mention Russia specifically by name, and so fulfill the Marian request. If the reader would like to join spiritually in preparation, here is a novena to the Immaculate Heart, simple and devout, which includes a consecratory prayer by Pius XII.

A final thought: Consecrations are a type of sacramental, which only work if the recipient cooperates in the graces offered. Wearing a scapular makes no difference, unless one lives devoutly, in accord with the charism of the Carmelites. But consecrations may also act as a spur to conversion, to that metanoia commanded by Christ. We may hope that all of us, not least those in authority in these regions of conflict, open themselves to the grace and good counsel of God and His Spirit, and so take the path of peace. Not as the world offers, but as Christ does.

Our Lady, Queen of Peace, ora pro nobis!