Choosing Life and Death

In a tragic parody of Moses’ exhortation to choose the way of life and the way of death, a Malaysian girl, standing atop a tall building, asked for a poll from her Instagram followers – what term does one use? – asking the fateful question:

Really Important, Help Me Choose D/L

Which, translating from Intragramese, is ‘help me choose death or life’. Sadly, 69% of her followers recommended ‘D’, and she jumped accordingly. Officials are wondering whether to charge those who prompted her to kill herself. This won’t be easy, either finding them, or proving their formal complicity. And if we start going down that road, where do we stop? There are a lot of us – Democrats and Liberals are now pretty much fully on board – who have chosen ‘D’, and the culture of death continues its grim march.

And on that dark note, yesterday, ironically the day after the anniversary of the legalization of abortion in Canada, an Ontario Appeals Court quashed the hopes of physicians seeking conscience protection from performing or referring for ‘services’ such as abortion, euthanasia and sex-transitioning. The unanimous decision of the three judges claimed that patients’ rights come first, especially in our ‘one-payer’, that is, you and I the taxpayer, publicly-funded system. To refuse or even delay patients’ access to these legal and covered procedures would cause them ‘harm’.

In the opinion of Ontario Chief Justice George Strathy.

One can reasonably anticipate that the loss of the personal support of a trusted physician would leave the patient with feelings of rejection, shame and stigma

Well, so much for medicine in Ontario, and likely all of Canada, as the culture of death receives ever-greater legal recognition, which implies coercion for those of us who dissent. Now, every physician – and soon, all of us – will now have to sign on as at least an aider and abetter of death and grievous mutilation, just like Nazi Germany. First, do no harm, indeed.

Here is a comment from Dr. Jodie Wang, who, if I may interject personally, took over my own father’s medical practice when he retired a few years ago:

You can’t even believe how ridiculous it is to practice medicine in Ontario. I’m leaving a practice of 3500 patients because of this– going to do specialty work so that I can run away from the barrage of requests for sex-change referrals, abortions, and soon-to-be death clinics. I’m not allowed to even perform my duties as a person, but rather expected to churn out referrals at patient request like a vending machine. I’m definitely looking into options south of the border, where conscience rights are respected!

Dr. Wang’s lament will be repeated by right-minded, conscientious physicians across this fair land, and all that will be left will be, well, the grim reapers, even if they still wear labcoats, and smile assuringly while murdering your child, your grandmother or, in the end, you. Fare thee well, Canada.

And across the seas, the ‘religion of peace’ continues its own crusade of death, as Islamic terrorists shot dead four Catholics, who were in a Marian procession. They let the children go – we must take what mercies we might, for in their religion, such are capricious – executed the adults, and set fire to the statue of Our Lady. And this, one day after terrorists – the same ones, or at least the usual suspects – sacrilegiously murdered a priest and five parishioners during Mass.

There is hope, for those killed in odium fidei we may believe went straight to heaven. So too, we must continue to choose life, in what large or small ways we might, even if it costs us our jobs or even our own lives, so that we and our descendants may live, not just here, but eternally. For only in the light of heaven do these tragedies of this passing and transient world make sense.