Celibacy and Children

A good read on the sacredness and ‘set-apart-ness’ of the priest, by none other than the Archbishop of the town of my birth, Glasgow.   The only little tiny glitch in an otherwise very fine and bold article is that the good Archbishop seems to agree, to some extent, with the removal of altar rails, but it does seem as though he is also open to keeping them. There may yet be hope for bonnie Scotland yet.

And a report, mentioned in my recent editorial, that for the first time in Canadian history, one-person households outnumber all others, and those households of two parents-with-children continue their decline.  Ah, loneliness. I have spent some time with families in the past while, and can attest to how much joy little ones, and family life in general, bring.  As Aristotle said, happiness is found in activity, as well sociability, and there is lots of sociability and activity in such homes, some say too much. So to all you young people out there, if you’re not called to priesthood or religious life (see the Archbishop on celibacy, above), consider very seriously tying the knot with someone you love, or kind of love, or can grow to love. You never know what adventures may be in store. And you would be doing a lot for God and country.  Mainly for God. And yourself, and spouse, and children. As Thomas More would say, not a bad audience that.