Caskets and Kinder Eggs

Bethlehem Graveyard and Steel Mill, by Walker Evans. ( domain)

Children’s caskets are now apparently being ordered in bulk. Odd, that what started the hyper-Covidian response of lockdowns, masking and isolation was the report of caskets piling up in makeshift morgues in Bergamo back in that fateful early winter of 2020. Now, we have reports of record numbers of coffins of a much smaller variety. And this does not include all the other medical complications on the rise in toddlers and infants. Now, correlation and anecdote do not science make, but they do warrant investigation, especially when such spikes in death coincide eerily with the rollout of universal vaccine mandates. One wonders how many caskets it will take this time to convince the populace, never mind our ideological leaders, who may well be inconvincible. But, of course, unlike the bodies in Bergamo, images of such small coffins won’t be shown unceasingly over mainstream media, but kept in the internet alcoves and rafters.

Empirical science operates on evidence, brought out into the light, and hypotheses are always being modified and developed with new evidence. Any conclusion we draw is tinged with at least a sliver of doubt, but we operate on what certainty we have. And it’s becoming more certain that for some, even the youngest, these purported vaccines are harmful, even lethal. How many? Well, time and evidence will tell, if such telling be tolerated. There are stories of physicians who have seen patients die from the vaccine, who are not permitted to sign such on the death certificate.

Even in the face of such tacit suppression, the evidence of side-effects is becoming more obvious, with Ontario’s chief medical officer, Kieran Moore, recently suggesting that one weigh the risks and benefits before getting the jab, at least for those younger and at the least risk from Covid. This, after previously mandating vaxx-passes for everything from jobs to university studies. Is this just to cover his legal posterior? Most Canadians are already vaxxed, including almost every university student, who could not attend class otherwise, even on-line, and they’re still prepping vaccines for toddlers and infants. The U.S. made it illegal about a decade ago to import Kinder Eggs after three children choked on the small toys inside, yet the Biden administration now wants to jab every baby in sight with a potentially lethal therapy none of them need. We know not what the ramifications of this may be in the weeks, months and years to come.

Whatever is going on, and however intentional it be, if there is any silver lining in this Mordorian cloud, it is that many did resist the jab, often at great cost, thereby offering an empirical control group, whose unfolding medical history may now be compared to those who received the genetic therapy. (Peruse this letter from someone who did submit – and seems to regret it painfully – thanking those who did not). So far, it seems 6-luv for the unjabbed, who on the whole continue curiously healthy, while the experimental group – triple vaxxed and masked – gets repeat symptoms.

Speaking of control groups, even with Dr. Moore’s warning, they’re not letting up here in Canada, as Trudeau and Tam want to turn our Dominion into one giant experimental group, a Covidian Trude-man show. The unvaxxed are still denied entry, and it’s very difficult to leave, unless you don’t want to come back anytime soon – a tempting thought to many. On a cycle ride recently, I ended up on the shores of the lovely Saint Clair River, and there was America, land of the free, or at least the more free, one vigorous swim away…

But it’s a good and noble thing to make one’s stand for the truth in the place God put one. He will provide the charity, grace and strength, which will radiate to others.

As God said to Joshua, esto vir. Or, on a more secular note, and pardon my Latin, illegitimi non carborundum.

Deus, in adiutorium meum intende! +