Campy Dance of the Saints

A grace-filled First Sunday of Lent –  to all our readers, and we hope you enjoy the Lenten reflections.

As well, a joyous Leap Year to one and all, the only time when, in Ireland, so custom goes, a woman may propose to a man, a custom that may soon be outlawed in our transgendered world – or, at least, lose its significance. Leap years were standardized in their modern form with the calendar instituted by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, in modifying the earlier Julian version.

Under our tragic – in more ways than one – Trudeau government has more or less abolished the euthanasia restrictions put in place when the macabre practice was first legalized. There are still some paper-thin safeguards, but more or less anyone now with a ‘serious illness’ can be offed the same day he asks – and if you have given an ‘advanced directive’, you can still be murdered even if you later apparently change your mind. I will have more to say on this soon.

Meanwhile, as we kill ourselves, thousands of migrants are streaming across the border from Turkey to Greece – mainly healthy young men, at least from what footage we have – as Prime Minister Tayyip Eroogan, whose nation has been holding them back, opened the floodgates. Some say 18,000 have already stormed over, and there are a lot more behind them.

In Jean Raspail’s 1973 novel, Camp of the Saints, the Third World decided, en masse, to move on into the First World – that is, Europe, resulting in the destruction of Western civilization. The whole world, in other words, becomes the Third World. Although the novel has been condemned as ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobic’, the question we might ask is, why would it not? That is, the First World become the Third, as already seems to be transpiring before our eyes, devoid not only of the rule of law, but of our customs, our chivalry, our manners, our religion, or at least what is left of all of them.

And what is left, alas, is not much, and the fact we are so weak is why others are rushing in, to full the void, one that is not just demographic and spatial – birth rates are plummeting to near-zero level – but spiritual and existential. We no long know who or why we are.

Meanwhile, do the people in this video really think that this will stop persons of a male persuasion from a certain cultural and religion milieu from grabbing, groping and even raping them – as seems to be the ‘custom’ of certain elements of a certain religion? And why are there two men in the back? I don’t think they’re in proximate or remote danger of any excitable young ethnic men violating their ‘no-no’ zone – the same for the granny on the left, and not sure about the leader in front. That leaves the blond on the right, the only one who looks still in her reproductive years – her ilk are the ones on the forefront of the ‘migrant rape crisis’. The Camp of the Saints may have been presciently xenophobic, but with good cause.

Warning: Once this video has been seen, especially with the volume up, it can neither be unseen, nor unheard. Who knows? In this merry Me-Too movement, the dance may catch on: