Bill C-11 – Totalitarian Censorship of, well, Everything

Bill C-11 is a piece of government legislation designed to limit – that is, censor – ‘hate material’ on the internet and, as is the case for most such proposed laws, has metastasized from there. It was supposed to apply to larger internet providers, but now apparently targets individual users, thus severely limiting the free speech of the average Canadian – everything posted on even the most solitary posts on blog or accounts with but a handful of readers, or none, is open to scrutiny by the new, secular panoptic Inquisition. The Senate tried to put in amendments to limit the scope of this totalitarian in-sanity. But, as the reader may see below, the Liberals have rejected all of them. Chi-Com-Canada, here we come. But, then, Trudeau has always admired their ‘basic dictatorship’.

Speaking of the Inquisition, this is far worse, without the latter’s numerous safeguards and layers of authority (the various levels of Church and state). And for all its problems, at least the original Inquisition had revealed truth on its side. These new censors are guided only by themselves, and their disordered consciences, which they seek to impose on everyone and their dog. Was that an Islamophobic bark?

So write and read while ye may, for the day is coming when we may be back to samizdat. At least, it may improve our penmanship.


Senator says Bill C-11 will create “public relations nightmare” for Liberals