A Masked Messiah?

The Kingston Choral Society is putting on the Messiah on this First Sunday of Advent, something we would normally be happy to support, and I even had a passing thought of making the long-ish trek to attend, for it has been a while since I have seen Handel’s marvelous oratorio live. Then this caveat on their webpage:

Safety continues to be a priority. As regional Covid protocols are updated, KCS concert policies will also adapt. 

As of November 16th, our Covid protocols have changed due to current advice from public health officials.

  • The choir, musical staff and, wherever possible, the instrumentalists will be masked.
  • Our audiences are required to wear masks for the safety of the performers and attendees.

Please visit this page on concert day for changes, if any.

Everyone masked? Even singers? I have performed excerpts of the Messiah any number of times, but the thought of trying those trills in a mask? Are they going full n-95? A muffled and muzzled Messiah!

Fear is a strange thing. I will not rehearse the odd notion of ‘science’ behind all of this, as almost every other locale on God’s good earth leaves the masks behind, except certain odd and ends of Canada, and, of course, China.

All we can say on this first Sunday of Advent is that Christ came to cast out fear, and we should await His second Advent with unveiled faces, full of hope, love and joy.

So live free. And a blessed Advent season to one and all! +