A Grave Problem

Every word he says is a lie. A nose as long as the trucker‘s convoy.” Dr. Jordan Peterson

Well, isn’t this awkward?

Recent reports from the Associated Press indicate that Pope Francis will be meeting with Indigenous leaders in Rome in late March after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau demanded last spring that the Pontiff come to Canada to apologize. Apologize to the First Nations and to Canada not only for the Catholic-run Indigenous Schools but also for the implied ‘genocide’ alleged to be evidenced by a graveyard in Kamloops, B.C. in May of last year.

On May 27, 2021, it was reported that ground-penetrating radar had found signs of 200 probable graves at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School, a former boarding school for Indigenous children. While the claim originated with a simple email from an obscure website, The New York Times ran the claim the very next day on its front page.

It reported that the remains of 215 children had been found on the grounds of what was known as the Kamloops Residential Indian School, run by the Order of Mary Immaculate from 1893 to 1969, and by the Canadian government for a few years after that, leaving the world to conclude that cruel nuns had either killed these children or let them die and covered the whole thing up.

The original emailed report came from anthropologist Sarah Beaulieu, who used ground-penetrating radar to discover the remains allegedly buried on the grounds during the time the school operated. Her findings were then reported by Chief Rosanne Casimir of the Tk’emlups te Secwépemc First Nation, who said in a statement: “Given the size of the school, with up to 500 students registered and attending at any one time, we understand that this confirmed loss affects First Nations communities across British Columbia and beyond.”

Then, as if on cue, as Canada’s implied disgrace was being telegraphed around the world, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau grieved publicly over the “dark and shameful chapter” in Canadian history and ordered all national flags to be flown at half-mast. Where they remained for the next five months. Despite an extraordinary lack of actual evidence.

Trudeau’s Papal Demands

The prime minister also demanded that the Pope come to Canada to apologize – the plans for which are now confirmed but reversed: Members of the nation’s Indigenous community and others will meet with the Pontiff in the Vatican late next month.

With the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops covering the travel costs, the Assembly of First Nations, Métis National Council and Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami will travel to Rome to meet with Pope Francis during the week of March 28 culminating with a final audience on April 1.

While the Pontiff has expressed sorrow over the findings, he has not made a direct apology on behalf of the Catholic Church, which ran most of the schools across Canada for nearly a century on behalf of the federal government.

An Awkward Problem

But there’s a problem. An embarrassing problem. A grave problem. After eight months of denunciations and recriminations, no bodies have yet been found in the gravesite – the very gravesite that triggered candlelight vigils and countless shrines constructed of pairs of children’s shoes across Canada and triggered a litany of accusations.

Nor has evidence yet been found at other related gravesites, revealed subsequently.

But that didn’t stop the world from falling for the ‘discovery’ and all its dark implications. Which meant that – without any hard evidence and with the unquestioning and heavy-handed assistance of the media – Canada took its cues and dutifully tore itself apart. Churches were destroyed, statues were torn down, monuments were defaced. And Trudeau and his long-time henchman Gerald Butts were on hand to call the destruction “understandable”. Canada Day celebrations were also threatened with cancellation, libraries across the country were festooned with ribbons of mourning and even the Canadian Press honoured the children of residential schools as “Person of the Year 2021″.

What was really going on here?

The story then went silent.

The Truth Surfaces

That is, until reports began to appear last month reversing the original narrative that had shamed Canada and caused such destruction and ongoing recriminations – led by a devastating report that appeared in the January issue of The Dorchester Review titled “IN KAMLOOPS, NOT ONE BODY HAS BEEN FOUND”. The conclusions were that none of the implications of the original radar report was true insofar as the evidence – or lack of it – could confirm. The evidence of disturbances in the ground from the radar findings were likely tree roots and other soil disturbances, the author concluded. But no bodies.

It’s also since been confirmed from records that some of the students who attended the Kamloops school did indeed die there, records for whom show that of 51 deaths from 1915 to 1964, almost all died from tuberculosis or influenza. Seventeen died in the hospital at Kamloops, and eight on their own reservations during vacation. Twenty-four are buried in their home reservation cemeteries and four at the Kamloops cemetery, where teachers and staff were also buried. This leaves 23 unaccounted for. But that doesn’t mean they were not buried or that they were piled into a mass grave. Indeed, the fact that the school is located in the middle of the reservation makes it irrational to conclude that 215 children were somehow dumped, and no one noticed.

So, was this a hoax? Or a simple mistake? Or a political manipulation designed to further harm the reputation of the Catholic Church in Canada? And how will this affect the plans of Indigenous representatives going to Rome to meet Pope Francis?

The De-Moralization of Canada

Regardless, last May’s highly provocative incident, whether deliberate or not, is just one more event in Trudeau’s now long list of incidents subtley aimed at discrediting Christianity in general and the Catholic Church in particular. All accompanied it seems by a steady stream of destructive legislation designed, whether intentional or not, to further demoralize and deprave the nation’s culture. From abortion (for which the nation lacks even rudimentary laws), to euthanasia (MAID) and the promotion of homosexuality, same-sex marriage and easy divorce, to the liberalization of cannabis and the sexualizing of children, to the outlawing of therapies for the gender-confused to the corrupting of media (once regarded as the watchdogs of Democracy) with taxpayer dollars. Add to this Trudeau’s ongoing scandals and ethics violations for which, it seems, there is never any accountability whatsoever.

This includes his failure to show up September 30 for Canada’s first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, a statutory holiday to reflect on the tragic history and ongoing legacy of residential schools. His office said he was ‘in meetings’ that day. Instead, he was in Tofino with a surfboard.

Canada is back?

“Canada is back,” Trudeau proclaimed jubilantly after his first election in 2015.

The evidence confirms the opposite, as Canada continues to be reduced – morally, financially and influentially – ever since 1969, the year of Pierre Trudeau’s infamous Omnibus Bill that introduced legal abortion into the Canadian culture and into the Canadian social contract which, since then, has been systemically drained of the Christian beliefs that once galvanized this once blessed nation and provided the spiritual oversight and care of its pantheon of saints and martyrs.

Canada is not back! Canada has been increasingly hobbled by a parade of totalitarian legislation and ideological notions of diversity in which no two people can agree on matters of simple right and wrong. Which is why it’s been no accident that as God has been denied any space in the Public Square and in the law that the spirit of lawlessness and unaccountability have come to dominate. And that Canadians have come to a point of such ‘tolerance’ that they would passively accept the shuttering of their churches for a full two years in a spiritually impoverished culture so frightened and so confused that Canadians actually appeared to believe that communal prayer, and prayer in their churches, was a threat to their health. This meant that throughout the Covid pandemic, public prayer to the Lord God of All Creation from Whom all human rights derive was never performed. But the arrests of several evangelical pastors were performed. Which Canadians appeared to blithely accept as a necessary protection to the public health.

Bedford Falls to Pottersville

Under the Trudeau Liberals, Bedford Falls of It’s a Wonderful Life has morphed into Pottersville and worse. And with it, Canada’s once fine reputation has been soiled to such an extent that when it comes to international relations, Canada no longer matters as it once did. And it is gradually being shifted out of foreign discussions. And through it all, we’re witnessing the results of what happens when godless government fillets Christianity itself from a nation’s backbone. The social contract is now all but extinct, the direct result of the gradual de-civilization of our nation through the deliberate supplanting of our once Christian culture with various Leftist ideologies, all essentially anti-human and all designed to corrupt and fragment every aspect of our once civil society until it becomes incoherent and ungovernable.

Or, as Vladimir Lenin put it: “Until it stinks!”

A Moral Diagnosis

Fox News political commentator Tucker Carlson said as much recently when he blasted Trudeau as a “despot” for refusing to meet with truckers, adding that the PM has been using his draconian Covid mandates to turn Canada into a “surveillance state.” Evidence of which – all facilitated via cell phones and QR codes etc. – was demonstrated on his show.

“Over the span of just a few years, Trudeau has turned a nation long famous for Molson and sled dogs and niceness into a relentlessly punitive surveillance state,” said Carlson in his opening monologue for his January 31 Tucker Carlson Tonight show. “Trudeau has used, systematically, Covid to short-circuit democracy in Canada and to end organized Christianity there.”

Carlson also called out Trudeau’s Covid mandates which, since last November, have banned Canadians who refuse to take all the required Covid jabs from traveling by air, boat, or rail. And which have sparked the highly organized Freedom Convoy now parked in downtown Ottawa.

“Rarely has a nation changed this quickly or more unequivocally for the worse,” he concluded.

Peterson vs Butts

What well-informed Canadian could argue with that? Certainly not Jordan Peterson, who recently slammed Trudeau crony Gerald Butts as a “stunningly corrupt and incendiary fool.”

On February 6, the acclaimed author and psychologist engaged in a battle of wits on Twitter with Butts – a vitriolic critic of the Freedom Convoy who’s been alleging its connections to far-right groups – after Butts made unsubstantiated claims about the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC).

Peterson, an outspoken supporter of the truckers’ convoy and a scathing critic of Trudeau, took the former Liberal staffer to task, saying, “You are a stunningly corrupt and incendiary fool @gmbutts and the story will be the cowardice of your leader @JustinTrudeau and the lies of your damnable lying calumnious cronies.”

Butts responded by advising Peterson to take down the tweet, and that the opportunity to do so was “time limited,” viewed by many as a threat.

Peterson replied to Butts: “I’ve been threatened by people a lot more terrifying and able than you @gmbutts and your calumnious compatriots. So watch yourself and your loose mouth.”

At this writing, the Freedom Convoy remains settled in Ottawa while speculation over who will replace CPC leader Erin O’Toole is intensifying around Pierre Poilievre. About whom the media’s main worry is whether Poilievre will keep abortion off the political table entirely.

Canada’s Future?

This cuts to the chase immediately and prompts questions about the future of Canada. Will there be one? As St. John Paul II observed in 1996 and for all time: “A Nation that kills its own children has no future.”

Question: Did Justin Trudeau already understand this profound truth when he declared to the New York Times that Canada is “the world’s first Post-National state!” And have his nebulous connections to globalist billionaires and Great Reset enthusiasts Klaus Schwab and George Soros been superficial only?

One must also ask about Canadians themselves and what appears to be their worrying passivity: What is the state of the Canadian mind that, in September 2021, they voted for the third time to keep in power a prime minister whose damage to their country began on Day 1 and for whom there seems no accountability whatsoever for his demonstrable lies and shaming scandals. What has happened to Canadians whose nation once stood so solid and was so admired – all the direct result of its Christian foundations and the galvanizing Social Contract this provided since 1867. Until relatively recently.

If abortion is kept off the table and the killing of the unborn remains sacrosanct, will Canada as she has been known, loved and admired survive? Or will she will become an uncivilized landmass populated by uncivilized people who reject as myths and fantasies the Lord God and His laws?

I’m reminded of the passage from Genesis VI, v 12. It describes the generation of Noah when the whole earth was corrupt and filled with violence. “And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth. And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.”

Is that where the world is today? Watching some crazy-man build an ark while sitting around Starbucks arguing the importance of wearing masks?