On Hell, Debts and Incorruptibility

A blessed and joyful Holy Saturday to all our readers, a day in which all the world is ‘at rest’, with Christ, our God, asleep in the tomb, awaiting His definitive resurrection, and triumph over death, once and for all. Paula Adamick has an insightful piece on the ‘incorruptibles’, no, not a new Marvel superhero franchise; in fact, much better than that, signifying those who by the holiness of their lives are given a small share in the future resurrection of this frail human body, so that their corpses do not corrupt, or at least not fully, a sign and prelude to our future in heaven. Truly, our religion is one of hope and joy.

The Holy Eucharist is well described as our ‘pledge of future glory’, Christ’s inestimable gift of His own Body and Blood, offered through His infinite sacrifice on Good Friday. Unlike regular food, which is transformed into us, by consuming Christ’s true flesh and blood, we become like Him, and share His own immortality.

Our Faith is rich indeed. It all just seems to have the ring of Truth about it, that once it has been revealed, we think, how could it have been otherwise?

 On that note, Ms. Adamick states “Pope Francis may or may not have denied the existence of Hell”, and this snippet is making its way around the world. But we should be clear that the Holy Father’s purported words derive from another of his un-transcribed interviews with the Italian atheist journalist Eugenio Scalfari. The Vatican claims that this was “not a faithful transcript”, as well as a private meeting, and not a formal interview; but, then, why make these troubling words public? And why allow an atheist to be an unofficial spokesman for the Pope? I hope a clarification is forthcoming…

While on the not-so-good news in these final hours before Easter, the decidedly not-very-Catholic policies of the provincial Liberals under Ms. Wynne continue, their unhinged economic policies of buying votes with the income of present and future generations, who will be paying the debt indefinitely. We who foot the bill for this largesse are, as de Tocqueville predicted, in slavery to those who are its recipients. Someone pointed out that the term ‘care’ comes up over 50 times in the budget, but who cares for whom, and who is paying the shots? Why can’t much of this care occur without government interference?

This is robbery on a scale so vast, so broad, so brazen, the mind boggles. Now they are promising free dental care for seniors (a vast and growing swathe of the population), and free day care for children (also expensive, and undermining of the family), and this after free tuition for ‘university’ ‘students’, and I use those quotations advisedly.

This is also quite deeply evil, covered with a veneer of milquetoast ‘goodness’. We are being cocooned by government from cradle to grave, the formation of our minds, thoughts, religion, even, now, whether we live or die at birth or at the end-of-life, all under the not-so-loving miasma of bureaucratic mothering. Almost nothing is ‘private’ anymore, which means a diminution of freedom, almost to the vanishing point.

Of course, none of this universal ‘care’ is free, but in fact far more expensive than if we actually had to pay for it up front. But Ontarians will likely vote Ms. Wynne and her cronies back in, the goodies they disperse with other people’s money trumping any rational common sense. Most Canadians are so far in debt, they have stopped even thinking about it; if the government can do it, why not I? Why not everyone? Money grows on maple trees, and can just be printed ad infinitum, it seems. But eventually, the fateful cock will crow, and the time of reckoning at hand.

But why worry? Rather rejoice, leap and sing for joy, for in these brief days that we are given in the interim, we should do what good we can, detaching ourselves from the world, especially in this holy time; forget these woes, and ponder the higher and deeper things, those that will endure forever: Love, patience, kindness, sacrifice for others, good-will, prayer, and that peace that surpasses understanding. For the travails of this world are but a passing shadow in the light of eternity, and all that matters is that we do our own duty towards God and neighbour.

You never know. You too could end up one of the incorruptibles. In fact, bet on it with your life, quite literally.

A blessed Easter, with joy and peace to all our readers.