The funeral for Monsignor Vincent Foy will be held this morning at 11:30 a.m. at Holy Family Parish, fittingly in the usus antiquior, the rite (or form) in which the good Monsignor celebrated Mass for most of his 77 years of priesthood.

Please do peruse the review by Father Scott Murray of Rod Dreher’s book The Benedict Option, which will be posted later today. However one applies the thoughts of Dreher, the principles are sound:  We Christians must take and apply our faith more seriously than we do, suffusing our whole lives, so that we truly shine like ‘sparks amongst the stubble’, as the first Pope advocated, much like Monsignor Foy, who gave his whole life to God from his youth, when he had ‘many possessions’.

And on that note, a blessed and holy Lententide to all!  Keep your chins up and your faces joyful, knowing that our redemption is always ‘near at hand’.

Pax et gaudium Christi,