The I-Choice: Staying Human in a Digital Age

In his new book, The I-Choice: Staying Human in a Digital Age, Fr. Denis Lemieux explores the Internet’s effects on culture and on our relationships. He examines important questions of isolation, dehumanization, control, and freedom in relation to our use (or overuse) of the Internet and social media.

Within the context of Christianity, he looks at relationships and other questions of importance in the digital age: what is relationship—my relationship with others, my relationship with God, my relationship with myself, the definition of privacy and how it is influenced by social media.

Fr. Denis writes in a warm, friendly style and his sense of humour is clearly evident in his writing. The book is very easy to read. Although I found his style of writing wordy, the crux of his ideas are highlighted and therefore easy to read, understand, and ponder.

What the book doesn’t do is give a list of suggestions on how to incorporate the Internet into a Christ-centered life. That is a personal struggle and not something Fr. Denis believes he can address. However, the book gives many valuable points to consider and reflect upon in order for us to formulate our own solutions and ensure that our Internet use is healthy and productive.

If, like me, you have some concerns about the amount of time and the way in which you and your family use the internet, I encourage you to read this book. It will help to examine your concerns and give you the tools needed to improve the time spent on your electronic devices.

Fr. Denis is a priest of the Madonna House Apostolate. He blogs at Ten Thousand Places and has authored several books.

Lemieux, Denis. (2013). The I-Choice: Staying Human in a Digital Age. Ottawa: Justin Press.

Available at Madonna House Publications.