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Women in combat


Have you noticed there are an alarming number of combative females on television? I am not talking about women who are angry at everything but rather women who play “tough-guy” characters. The men are the calm writers or the slackers who need protection—while the women get their butts kicked by the bad guys, run headfirst into burning buildings, and call their female supervisors “sir.” The trend has been growing since before Uma Thurman “Killed Bill,” but it is alarming to ... (Continue reading)

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Who tells you what to do?

My friend blogged the other day about how her boys, when allowed to have whatever they want for breakfast on their birthday, choose cereal. Not just any cereal, but the type of cereal with so much sugar it makes your toes curl. They don’t want pancakes or waffles or strawberry-flavoured milk or ice cream—nope. It’s all about the “vitamin-enriched” bits of crunchy wheat, enhanced with green marshmallows or chunks of chocolate. What’s not to love? And so it is with my ... (Continue reading)

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Whom do you serve?

At the back of our parish there is a poster with two pictures on it. The first picture is of a computer/TV screen and the second is of a monstrance, with the words “Whom do you worship?” in bold script underneath. We’re standing on the threshold of Advent 2012—one liturgical year coming to a close and another beginning—and I think it so fitting that the Church wraps up the liturgical year with a celebration of Jesus Christ the King. There ... (Continue reading)

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