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2nd Sunday in Lent: The glory of the crucified Christ


On the second Sunday in Lent we always read the Gospel of the Transfiguration of our Lord. We do so in order that our focus may be directed towards the glory of Easter and our Lord’s victory over sin and death by His glorious Resurrection. Our Lenten penance is not an end in itself but a means to an end; that cleansed of our faults and sanctified in both body and mind we might more fully appreciate and participate in ... (Continue reading)

A breath of fresh air


I wore braces for about four years, after which I immediately had oral surgery to cut the fibres behind my front teeth to prevent them from being pulled out of alignment again. That’s how terrible my teeth were. My orthodontist told me that the procedure would be pretty simple—the oral surgeon would freeze my gums, slice the fibres, make sure that I didn’t bleed to death from my mouth (maybe he didn't word it QUITE like that), and then give me ... (Continue reading)

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Pain: God’s Megaphone

All manifestations of God, like the Blessed Sacrament, are concealments as well. Everywhere God is veiled; Everywhere he works underground; Everywhere he sets up a screen between himself and the observation of his creature; Everywhere, search is the law of earth and vision the law of heaven; Everywhere in this world, to believe is to see, and seeing is not believing. This is God’s way. ... It is not best only for us, but simply necessity. - Fr. Faber, The Blessed ... (Continue reading)

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Can you imagine what it would be like to watch your best friend being tortured to death? Nearly naked—missing most of his clothing and half his skin—humiliated, hated, abandoned, and alone. Picture the most loving person you know being thrown violently to the ground. Could you look on helplessly as his hands—those gentle, healing hands—have nails driven through them? Stand with the crowd, hear the labored beating of his heart above the shouts of ridicule that spring up and crackle ... (Continue reading)

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Redeeming Grief

I think that the worst part of being upset about something is the side effects that come from crying. Just a few tears and suddenly you have a runny nose and a headache and then not only do you feel miserable emotionally, but you are wiped out physically as well. It almost feels like an allergy to grief, which kind of makes sense. Earlier this week, I took my dog to the vet and got pretty much the worst news anyone ... (Continue reading)

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The Adventure of Letting Go

Five years ago, in the middle of a pretty rough semester at university, during which I had struggled with some health issues and some friend issues and a massive pile of schoolwork, I sat in the adoration chapel feeling utterly depleted. I was exhausted and overwhelmed and lost. Over the next few weeks everything continued to spiral downwards, and in a natural reaction I held on tighter to what I could control. My schedule became even more rigid and my personal ... (Continue reading)

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Love, and do what you will

I've been reading the Myers-Briggs personality profiles, assessing my personality, hoping that somewhere in the pages and pages of internet sources I will find the key to my success. I've learned a lot about myself—insomuch as I recognized traits and tendencies that I wasn't able to put into words before. I've also learned what my weaknesses are and what internet gurus suggest I do to work through them. And what is my greatest weakness? I lack follow-through. I always have. Not ... (Continue reading)

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Life is not a fairy tale.

When a person gets everything that she wants, when she has all the things that she thinks she needs, and life is being wonderfully kind; when there is nothing terrible hanging over her head and no looming catastrophe, she might say something along the lines of “it feels just like a fairy tale.” When her lucky streak is over in a day, a week, a month, a year, when life is no longer handing her everything on ... (Continue reading)

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The Poor Souls

"It ain't right, and I'm sick and tired of what ain't right," says a character in the western Silverado. That's how I feel about the treatment the poor souls in Purgatory have been given over the last few decades. "Well, his sufferings are over," people say at the funeral home (I'm talking about Catholic believers). "Your grandmother is in heaven," proclaim priests and deacons at all too many funerals. I have been asked, "Do we still believe in Purgatory?" That Purgatory exists, ... (Continue reading)

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How fleas brought me closer to God

It’s been a ridiculously bad year. For fleas, that is. Something about the summer being so hot with little rain, blah blah blah, I didn’t really listen because all I could see is the wretched fleas jumping off the carpet, biting my ankles and hitching rides on my dog into my house. Last week, there were about a hundred. Today, there were about 20. Things get better and then worse and then better again. I’m itchy just thinking about it ... (Continue reading)

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