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Media influence, heroic Catholic families, and Fr. John A. Hardon,S.J.


On a recent Saturday morning, I explained the Ten Commandments to both of my First Communion classes. We talked about each of the commandments, how to keep them, and the ways we break them, giving examples from the children's daily lives. As usual, it was a challenge to explain the sixth and ninth commandments so that the children would understand and their parents not be scandalized. I explained that on their wedding day, married couples make a promise before God ... (Continue reading)

Why I blog and why you should too


Computer technology, social media and its users have been stigmatized and blamed for much of the world’s problems. Everything from illiteracy to a decrease in IQ is blamed in part on technology and sometimes on blogs and bloggers themselves. And perhaps there is something to it? I mean, everyone and their dog (literally!) has a blog. Blogs are free, easy to start, and anyone can write anything about anything. Bloggers use the platform for their own agendas, which could range from ... (Continue reading)

The I-Choice: Staying Human in a Digital Age

In his new book, The I-Choice: Staying Human in a Digital Age, Fr. Denis Lemieux explores the Internet's effects on culture and on our relationships. He examines important questions of isolation, dehumanization, control, and freedom in relation to our use (or overuse) of the Internet and social media. Within the context of Christianity, he looks at relationships and other questions of importance in the digital age: what is relationship—my relationship with others, my relationship with God, my relationship with myself, the definition ... (Continue reading)

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How does the internet affect your relationships?

There we were, my husband and I, lounging around the living room, facing each other but not looking at each other. He was transfixed by his laptop, ear buds in place, watching something on Netflix. I was glued to my own laptop, working on business stuff. Over in a corner of the kitchen, two of our sons played a game on the desktop computer while my oldest daughter texted on her phone. Elsewhere in our home, other kids were using ... (Continue reading)

Lookin’ for Love…

I thought it strikingly ridiculous, during my morning "scroll" the other day, when I came across two hundred pictures of an acquaintances’ acquaintance and her debaucherous evening out. Two hundred pictures taken in about four hours? What is that, a little less than one picture per minute? (I’m strikingly bad at math…) It seems to me that there are more pictures being taken on any given night than there is actual fun being had. Am I missing something? Is the ... (Continue reading)

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