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Managing Mammon

God's Bankers

  You can’t run the Church on Hail Marys. - Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, former head of the Vatican Bank A new book about the history of the Vatican’s finances confirms yet again that the handling of money—in both large and small amounts—is always a sticky business. This, of course, is a hard fact of life, one that all the popes have understood and hated—including Pope Francis, who has made it known that he despises the stuff he calls “devil’s dung” because of its potentially harmful impact on ... (Continue reading)

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Nine challenges for the next papacy

Michael Coren

As I write this column, Pope Benedict is about to conclude his pontificate, the conclave is about to begin, and critics of the Church are, as always, about to make another charge at the castle that is the institution given to the world by Jesus Christ to guide humanity to heaven. I’m not sure who the next pope will be, of course, but I do believe that his Papacy will be one of the most important in history. If we think ... (Continue reading)

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