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Women set the standards for relationships.


I have a secret shame and it’s called 19 Kids and Counting. I’m a big fan of the show. There is something so intriguing about the private life of a family with 19 children, and even more so now that the older daughters have started courting and marrying young gentlemen. I find myself waiting impatiently for the next episodes to come out because Jill’s courtship with Derick and Jessa’s with Ben are so adorably sweet. They side-hug. They go out on dates. ... (Continue reading)

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Can a woman be confident AND vulnerable?


The other day, one of our students sent me an article. While I nearly poked my eyes out over the vulgarity of the writing, the article itself contained some valuable insights. The article is entitled “The Case Against Female Self Esteem” (due to the excessive crudeness of the article and comments I am not going to post a link—but I'll give you the rundown). In a nutshell, the author lists reasons why strong and confident women are repellant and unattractive. Women should be ... (Continue reading)

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“This is MY Body—But I Don’t Want It!”

From the CCBR blog. Fellow feminists, In case you haven't noticed, women (or "womyn," if you prefer) are immensely powerful. And I'm not just talking "Lady Macbeth" meets "Charlie's Angels." While there is something to be said about feminine beauty and strength, our power lies in the very thing that makes us fundamentally different from men. In case you need a reminder, it's that women have the extraordinary ability to help create and facilitate the development of another human being—inside her ... (Continue reading)

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