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I grew up on the rather traddy side of the Catholic fence—I recited rote prayers and the Baltimore Catechism, with a High Latin Mass thrown in here and there for good measure. So my first visit to the University of Steubenville for a youth conference was a big shocker. I recall my earliest impression of the place: we had just walked in late to one of their epic prayer services (our bus had a flat tire) and the teenaged woman in front ... (Continue reading)

Demand reverence

Michael Coren

Earlier this year a group of bishops from the Italian region of Tavoliere met with Pope Francis. Such meetings are held only every five years, and are an opportunity for local episcopal leaders to explain to the Holy Father the most pressing and challenging concerns that they have. The great dilemma for these men, it seemed, was not the state’s increasingly aggressive war against the Church, not the slaughter of myriad unborn babies, not the loss of countless souls through ... (Continue reading)

To wear or not to wear: church veils and mantillas

If you do an Internet search for "church veil" or "mantilla," you will come across many websites dedicated to wearing a piece of lace covering your head during Holy Mass. You'll also find many blog posts and articles that ask the question: should I or should I not wear a mantilla? The reasons for veiling are numerous: humility, reverence, modesty, bringing tradition back to the Mass. The reasons against veiling are just as strong: subjugation of women, false humility, holier-than-thou attitudes, ... (Continue reading)

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