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Are you being served?


All through the long harsh Canadian winter, the sounds of coughing, sneezing, and sniffling were commonplace. Viruses and bacteria sensed the vulnerability of weather-weary bodies and attacked with a vengeance, and it seemed as if the entire population was having a coughing fit—except me. I had nary a sniffle throughout the entire winter. But by some cruel April Fool's joke, as the temperatures began to rise and the snow melted away, I developed one whopper of a cough and cold that ... (Continue reading)

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What are you grateful for?

The question stared back at me from an email sent by a nurses' professional group where I hold membership. I read it on a wet, dreary morning as I fretted about having to go to work. I wondered aloud when I would ever win the lottery. Still feeling sorry that I wasn't an instant millionaire and already fed up with the summer road construction that would plague my day, I dragged my whining self off to work. But first, I dropped ... (Continue reading)

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Always rejoice

There is something about whining and complaining that’s utterly depressing, isn't there? Not only does it bring you down, it drags down everyone else around you and then keeps your mind firmly planted in the fields of annoyance, jealousy, envy, and disdain. Even if you wanted to see the goodness and loveliness in life, you won't—or can't—because complaining fills your world with drear. It’s the perfect buzz-kill. Any joy within a 20-mile radius is slaughtered and left for dead. A confessor once told ... (Continue reading)

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