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Dignity for All


In all the debates that are going on in the world, there is, perhaps, none that are so relative as that which surrounds abortion, and each January brings that argument into the spotlight. Science tells us that life begins at conception, and yet, if someone wants an unborn child, then it is a baby, a blessing to be loved and cherished. But if no one wants it, if it is imperfect or for some other reason “undesirable,” then it is ... (Continue reading)

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In the past week, there has been a lot of rough weather. The worst of it, or at least the worst that has gotten major news coverage, seems to be the tornado in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Oklahoma City is certainly not a place where tornadoes are a new thing. It hasn't even been a decade since the town hit so badly this week was destroyed by another tornado. Even accounting for this familiarity, however, there is something pretty impressive in the way that ... (Continue reading)

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Necessary Magic

Several years ago, when I was working on a community theatre project, I overheard two little girls having a conversation about wishes. They were clearly friends, perhaps seven or eight years old, and the conversation began somewhere along these lines: “When you see a falling star, you have to make a wish, and it will come true.” “My granny told me never to make wishes because they don’t come true.” At the time, I was pretty sure that this was the saddest thing ... (Continue reading)

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Glass Shops and Churches

One of the towns that my family frequently stays in is Alliance, Nebraska. It’s a relatively small town: population 8500. The first few times we stayed there we really hated it, but that turned out to be mainly because we were staying on the wrong side of town. Okay, technically you can still see the place we used to stay from the place we now prefer to stay, but those three blocks made a big difference in our perception of ... (Continue reading)

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Of equality and cussing

I’m not a big Simpson’s fan, but I do remember one funny episode where Homer’s neighbour, Ned Flanders—the bible-believing Christian—promises Homer that he will shave off his mustache if Homer agrees to give up swearing. Ned institutes the swear jar and every time Homer lets a cuss word fly, he had to put money in the jar. If memory serves, the jar was all but full by the end of it. The curse words were only implied, not fully spoken, ... (Continue reading)

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Relativism and the meretricious hero

The word altruism is defined as concern for another without regard for injury to oneself. It is used, usually in psychology, to describe heroism—the act of risking your life for somebody else’s. The man who coined the word was Auguste Comte, the founder of positivism. Comte was by no means a great moral leader, or even a good one. He, like many other scientists of his time, was of the opinion that there was no knowledge outside of human experience and ... (Continue reading)

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