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Truth and Fiction

The saying that the truth will set you free has been so often repeated that is the sort of thing that one almost ignores. It’s one of those sayings like “Yes, Math will help you in the future” or “Never say never.” It’s cold, it’s cliché; its effects are diminished by too frequent use. It is, however, certainly a true saying, and gazillions of people have felt its effects. Then there’s the idea that there is no truth. The idea ... (Continue reading)

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Of equality and cussing

I’m not a big Simpson’s fan, but I do remember one funny episode where Homer’s neighbour, Ned Flanders—the bible-believing Christian—promises Homer that he will shave off his mustache if Homer agrees to give up swearing. Ned institutes the swear jar and every time Homer lets a cuss word fly, he had to put money in the jar. If memory serves, the jar was all but full by the end of it. The curse words were only implied, not fully spoken, ... (Continue reading)

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Sexual Revolevolution

While cycling through my blogroll the other day, I ended up being linked to an an article in The Telegraph. It starts out with quite a bang: A friend’s daughter recently started at a highly regarded boarding school. When her mother asked how she was enjoying the mixed-sex environment, the girl said quietly: “You have to give the boys oral sex or they get cross.” Reeling with shock, the mum protested that her darling daughter did not have to do ... (Continue reading)

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Lancing the Wound of Sin

“Always remember that God sees everything.” - Padre Pio My husband used to be a biker—not the Harley kind, but the bicycle kind. He used to be in a cycling group in high school, going out in a pack or "peloton," racing along the highways of southern Ontario. He knows how difficult cycling can be and has the scars to prove it. So it was with mild interest ... (Continue reading)

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