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The Presence-Prayers of Children


There’s been quite a bit of media coverage lately about kiddies at Mass. One parish’s idea had made the Facebook rounds a while back: the pastor had put an insert into every pew asking parishioners to be patient and loving towards kids, instead of disdainful and angry. Terri wrote a beautiful post on it the other day, and the mommy-bloggers have been sharing their tricks and triumphs when it comes to keeping their kids under wraps for one hour a week. So ... (Continue reading)

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Praying for strangers a world away


My fiancé can sit for hours reading the news. First he cycles through his favourite Spanish papers, and then he ventures into the English ones. His interest in “the news” verges almost on obsession, and he doesn’t understand my aversion to most news sources. If I do read a paper, I will turn immediately to the entertainment and fashion section and pretend that the rest of it doesn’t exist, maybe taking a gander through the comics if there are any. It’s ... (Continue reading)

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The Perks of Being Childless

Time magazine published an article recently called “The Childfree Life: When having it all means not having children.” Since I don’t subscribe to Time and the library is only open for two hours every second Monday of months that end in “y” I didn’t get to read it. But I did hear news reports about it and I can guess what it might suggest, subtly or not. A child-free life is the way to go. Kids bog you down, ... (Continue reading)

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A Mother’s Prayer

I stood by helplessly and watched as a text message received by one of my older children instantly transformed a situation of promise into a state of uncertainty. My child was visibly disappointed and frustrated. All I could do was give a reassuring hug and offer some words of consolation. Throughout my work day, I prayed for my child, my heart heavy at seeing my child's sadness. Before they are born, we pray for our children. Our prayers are full of ... (Continue reading)

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Blessings of monotony

In the vast collection of literature that has been written throughout the history of mankind, the one thing that all books have in common is that they reflect some bit of truth about the lives of the people who wrote them. Some of them reflect the world very well, and in those reflections one sees very clearly truths and connections that are often hidden by “real life.” Others are blurred or distorted connections, and the few truths ... (Continue reading)

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