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Life is not a fairy tale.

When a person gets everything that she wants, when she has all the things that she thinks she needs, and life is being wonderfully kind; when there is nothing terrible hanging over her head and no looming catastrophe, she might say something along the lines of “it feels just like a fairy tale.” When her lucky streak is over in a day, a week, a month, a year, when life is no longer handing her everything on ... (Continue reading)

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Blessings of monotony

In the vast collection of literature that has been written throughout the history of mankind, the one thing that all books have in common is that they reflect some bit of truth about the lives of the people who wrote them. Some of them reflect the world very well, and in those reflections one sees very clearly truths and connections that are often hidden by “real life.” Others are blurred or distorted connections, and the few truths ... (Continue reading)

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