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Cardinal Burke, Msgr. Foy, Fr. Hardon: Protecting the Catholic family


Parents are understandably upset about Ontario's new sex-ed curriculum that is being forced upon our children despite opposition from thousands of concerned citizens. Many of us feel that it is increasingly difficult to protect our children from the immorality prevalent in society. To make things worse, according to LifeSiteNews, the general secretary of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario (ACBO), Roger Lawler, "is a partisan Liberal who has been tweeting his support for the Wynne government’s controversial sex-ed program." ... (Continue reading)

Transforming weak Catholic families


When you teach two classes of First Reconciliation and First Communion candidates on most Saturday mornings, you learn a lot about other families' prayer lives. It doesn't take long to see who prays at home and who doesn't. I have come to the point where I am not surprised but remain disappointed that so many of the children in my Saturday classes can't make a proper Sign of the Cross and don't know the words to the Our Father and ... (Continue reading)

St. Gianna and Pietro Molla: models for the Synod on the Family


There's much rumour and speculation swirling around the upcoming Synod on the Family in October 2014. One of the main points of debate is whether or not divorced or remarried Catholics should be allowed to receive Holy Communion if an annulment has not been granted. Other areas to be addressed include same-sex marriage, co-habitation, and the role of men and women within a marriage. Although there seems to be much disagreement among Catholics including all levels of the clergy, the ... (Continue reading)

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