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A call to arms

In this battle over what is best for our failing economy and whether we are going to find another job or make ends meet, we have forgotten something so vital that our Founding Fathers are currently rolling in their graves. We have forgotten that our freedoms are not free hand-me-downs that, once implemented, are untouchable—we have forgotten that our freedoms are living principles that must be fought for and protected—kept safe from those who would rather see us slaves to ... (Continue reading)

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The road not taken

Four years ago, Barack Obama touted “change” and “hope”—his platform was that Bush’s policies weren’t working, so it was necessary to switch directions and try something new. Fast forward four years, and we are suffering from 7.9% unemployment—a number that has stayed steady for 42 months straight with no signs of improvement—and a 16 trillion dollar debt—6 trillion more than what it was four years ago. Barack Obama said very clearly in his 2008 campaign that if he could ... (Continue reading)

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