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Protect Canadian doctors’ conscience rights


At the Westglen Medical Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Dr. Chantal Barry will not prescribe artificial contraception. You know when she is on duty because of a sign that reads: The physician on duty today will not prescribe the birth control pill. In Ottawa, Dr. Edmond Kyrillos is one of three doctors who will not prescribe birth control. In a letter to patients of CareMedics Medical Clinic where Dr. Kyrillos is on staff, he says: Please be advised that because of reasons of ... (Continue reading)

Euthanasia and assisted suicide: not a brave choice

I watched the YouTube videos and read the articles of Susan Griffiths' final week of life with a mixture of sadness, discouragement, and anger. Susan Griffiths was the Canadian woman from Winnipeg, Manitoba who committed assisted suicide at the Dignitas Clinic in Switzerland on 25 April 2013. She was in the early stages of Multiple Systems Atrophy, a rare condition of the involuntary nervous system. As the name implies, it attacks all organ systems, thereby affecting everything ... (Continue reading)

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