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1st Sunday in Lent: Willing obedience


After Jesus was baptized, the Spirit drove him out into the wilderness. He was in the wilderness forty days, tempted by Satan (Mk 1:12). On Ash Wednesday we began the observance of the holy season of Lent with the imposition of blessed ashes, an external sign of our interior resolve to undertake Lenten penance; so that with purified minds and bodies we may celebrate the Paschal Mystery at Easter. The Passion and Death of Jesus bring His public life to an end. ... (Continue reading)

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Fasting: a common sense approach

Three years ago during a Lenten Friday Mass, I was called upon to use my nursing skills in an emergency situation. Just as the cantor began the Gospel Acclamation, an elderly woman in the pew in front of my family suddenly collapsed to the floor. My nursing instinct kicked in as I climbed over the back of the pew to get to her. As Father began proclaiming the Gospel, I performed a quick assessment of the frail woman and whispered ... (Continue reading)

The Poor Souls

"It ain't right, and I'm sick and tired of what ain't right," says a character in the western Silverado. That's how I feel about the treatment the poor souls in Purgatory have been given over the last few decades. "Well, his sufferings are over," people say at the funeral home (I'm talking about Catholic believers). "Your grandmother is in heaven," proclaim priests and deacons at all too many funerals. I have been asked, "Do we still believe in Purgatory?" That Purgatory exists, ... (Continue reading)

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