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Divine beauty and the providence of sin


Fr. Thomas Dubay begins The Evidential Power of Beauty with this sentence: "Every human person is drawn to beauty." We are stirred by all manifestations of beauty: a magestic piece of music, breathtaking scenery, a beautiful face, exquisite artwork. There is beauty in the order of creation as well as in the magnificence of nature. There is also personal beauty which is reflected best by the saints. In them we see the beauty of "personal splendor" that is arrived at when a ... (Continue reading)

Saints Joachim and Anne: Grandparents of Jesus


Let us sing praises to Joachim and Anna, The couple honoured by God (as they are His kinsmen) They have borne for us the Maiden Who in a manner beyond understanding Gave birth to Him who though fleshless Became the incarnate to save the world With her they intercede for our souls (Russian Orthodox Troparion) This coming Saturday we celebrate the feast of Sts. Joachim and Anne, father and mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I have always been intrigued by this couple, not only because ... (Continue reading)

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Short shorts and midriffs: dressing our daughters

Brigit 1

According to WebMD, girls begin a growth spurt around age 9 or 10, with the fastest growth around age 11 or 12. Typically, girls grow about three inches per year during this period. That's what happened to my youngest child this past year. At the beginning of summer, it became obvious that my eleven-year-old daughter needed new clothing. She is at the tail end of a long line of six brothers and a sister who is thirteen years older. She isn't ... (Continue reading)

Are you a Feminist?

old lady

A few months ago I took an online survey called Are you a feminist? I eagerly clicked through the questions because, in all honesty, I did not know the answer. I am a 30-something married woman. I work part time outside my home and the rest of the time within it (I don’t have a side business—I’m a homemaker without kids). I love my husband. I am generally not angry. I am a practicing Catholic (which may de facto exclude me from flying the ... (Continue reading)

Protect Canadian doctors’ conscience rights


At the Westglen Medical Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Dr. Chantal Barry will not prescribe artificial contraception. You know when she is on duty because of a sign that reads: The physician on duty today will not prescribe the birth control pill. In Ottawa, Dr. Edmond Kyrillos is one of three doctors who will not prescribe birth control. In a letter to patients of CareMedics Medical Clinic where Dr. Kyrillos is on staff, he says: Please be advised that because of reasons of ... (Continue reading)

Giving it all to Jesus through Mary

To Jesus through Mary

Earlier this year I made the Act of Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary. I had known about the total consecration for a few years through friends who had completed it. Someone had even given me the book Preparation for Total Consecration to Jesus Christ Through Mary. But I put the idea out of my mind. I was not interested. Why did I need to consecrate myself? I had a daily prayer life, prayed the Rosary on most evenings with my family, went to ... (Continue reading)

Captain America


Wow. Just...wow. Captain America: The Winter Soldier had it all: action, suspense, mystery, romance, camaraderie, spies, secrets, and—most importantly—awesome superheroes. The action scenes were spectacular, but even the quieter thought-provoking scenes kept you on your toes. The film made $95,023,721 on opening weekend and has made $225,059,241 as of 25 April 25 in the U.S. alone. Not the best the box office has ever seen, but still mighty impressive. The story follows Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), a.k.a. Captain America, after the large-scale alien attack in ... (Continue reading)

12 Years a Slave

12 years

12 Years a Slave is a powerful film based on the memoir by Solomon Northup published in 1853. The film has won 134 awards since its release, including Academy Awards for Best Motion Picture of the Year, Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role (Lupita Nyong’o), and Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay). The film was the first Best Picture with a black director, although Steve McQueen did not win Best Director. 12 Years a Slave is raw and direct and, once you start ... (Continue reading)



I grew up on the rather traddy side of the Catholic fence—I recited rote prayers and the Baltimore Catechism, with a High Latin Mass thrown in here and there for good measure. So my first visit to the University of Steubenville for a youth conference was a big shocker. I recall my earliest impression of the place: we had just walked in late to one of their epic prayer services (our bus had a flat tire) and the teenaged woman in front ... (Continue reading)

Pray in reparation for WorldPride Toronto

Charity, clarity, chastity

WorldPride Toronto 2014 officially opened on the evening of Friday, 20 June. Pride organizers claim that Toronto has one of the largest LGBTQ communities in the world and this year they welcomed visitors from all over the world to the city's "celebration of diversity and equality." Toronto, the organizers say, welcomed the world to "celebrate freedom." In response to this offence to our Lord, EnCourage Toronto and Courage Reparational Group Toronto have again sponsored  Charity, Clarity, Chastity: "an event of prayer and sacrifice ... (Continue reading)

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