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ISIS and Passion Sunday

Courtesy: CNN

ISIS attacked again yesterday, their favorite target, apparently, Christians, this time worshiping Coptics participating in Palm Sunday Mass.  Forty seven were killed in the two suicide bombings in Egypt, with dozens more injured, the victims living in a more real and vivid way than they imagined, and likely hoped, the Passion of their Lord and Saviour.  God rest their souls, and bring healing to the injured. We must pray for the victims and perpetrators, but also face the truth of the ... (Continue reading)

Pilgrimage as a Path to Holiness


“God evidently loves pilgrims. For to some, like Tobias, he sent angels as guides. To others, like Abraham, he just said, ‘Arise and go’” (Catherine Doherty, Strannik, 7). Catherine de Hueck Doherty, the foundress of Madonna House, was born and raised in Russia. Her Russian upbringing obviously had an important role in her spiritual formation, which in turn, had and continues to have an important role in Madonna House spiritual formation. The intricacies of that topic can be explored in ... (Continue reading)

  The Psychoanalytic Roots of Atheism

freud jung

The pioneer psychiatrist Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) was an atheist. Lacking an in-depth knowledge of philosophy, he took atheism as a self-evident truth. Religion, specifically the Judeo-Christian religion, he regarded as the mere “longing for a father” complex. He thought the desire for someone to worship was a collective neurosis that needed to be treated, and it seems he hoped to be humanity’s therapist in that regard. Indeed, it was characteristic of his well- documented arrogance in general that Freud would ... (Continue reading)

Life is Not a Fairy Tale

fairy tale

When a person gets everything that she wants, when she has all the things that she thinks she needs, and life is being wonderfully kind; when there is nothing terrible hanging over her head and no looming catastrophe, she might say something along the lines of “it feels just like a fairy tale.” When her lucky streak is over in a day, a week, a month, a year, when life is no longer handing her everything on ... (Continue reading)

Salvific Suffering

John Paul II

In, 1984, Pope Saint John Paul II penned an Apostolic Letter on the mystery of human suffering, Salvifici Doloris (curiously, now looking back, the same year he made his first apostolic journey to Canada).  One priest in a talk I heard recently mentioned that it may be remembered as one of his most prophetic works, with which I concur.  I long ago included the Letter in my syllabus on Magisterial teaching, and now with the looming shadow of euthanasia about ... (Continue reading)

Firefighters, Envy and the Public and Private Sector

public private

It is no secret that there is a war brewing between the public and private sectors of the economy, with their economic prospects diverging ever-more widely. As happens in many socialist regimes, the money and wealth produced by the latter are pouring ever-more freely into the coffers of the former.  Estimates across Canada now claim that those who work for the government (however broadly defined) earn between 18 and 37% more than those who do not, and that is ... (Continue reading)

Christ’s Sacrifice Was one of Redemption, Not Popularity


Dear Brothers and Sisters, This Sunday’s Gospel (cf. Jn 6:51–58) is the concluding part and culmination of the discourse given by Jesus in the Synagogue of Capernaum after he had fed thousands of people with five loaves and two fishes the previous day. Jesus reveals the meaning of this miracle, namely that the promised time had come; God the Father, who had fed the Israelites in the desert with manna, now sent him, the Son, as the true Bread of life; ... (Continue reading)

The Flood, Arks, and Happy Monks

benedict option

  Fr. Scott Murray A review of The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians in a Post Christian Nation By Rod Dreher Penguin Group USA, 269 pages, $34 After moving to Rome for my seminary studies, one of the first trips I made was to the town of Norcia. I hardly knew anything about the place, except that it is the birthplace of Saints Benedict and Scholastica. Two of my classmates were planning a weekend camping trip in the mountains around Norcia, and they invited ... (Continue reading)

Every Child is Already Wanted


(From our archives, which seems a propos given the recent invitees to the Vatican's Pontifical Academy for Science, which has created quite a stir, one might say a scandal.  Paul Ehrlich?  He of the Population Bomb, who wants to reduce the world's population to comfortable levels?  Alas.  But read and meditate on the lavishness and liberality of God's love from Mrs Sarah Gould). Editor. Seems like those who give their hearts and souls to environmentalism are the only canonized saints these ... (Continue reading)

Waking Up to God


It is the most phenomenal transformation of the day, born again into consciousness, and like birth, both forced upon us and the fruit of our own exertion.  Teenagers seem to resent it most, whereas late in life it becomes a happy surprise, or sometimes, the weary resumption of seemingly fruitless toil. The verb “to wake” is traced back to Proto-Germanic and Sanskrit origins meaning “to be lively” and “to watch”, and both meanings lead to the noun, where we attend to the ... (Continue reading)

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