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Monsignor PIck (on right ), rest in peace. Please pray for the repose of the soul of Monsignor Ambrose Pick, pastor of Saint Hedwig's church from 1978-2002 (but was a priest for many years before that), after which he enjoyed a quasi-retirement, but would joke that he was working harder than ever.  Monsignor Pick was a great friend to Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy in its earliest years, and the college ... (Continue reading)


Tallis Choir of Toronto presents: Requiem for a Renaissance King Saturday, March 4, 2017 at 7:30 pm St. Patrick’s Church 141 McCaul Street (north of Dundas, near St. Patrick Station) Toronto, ON M5T 1W3 416-598-3269 Students, $10 (at door only); seniors, $25; general admission, $30 Information or tickets:; 416-286-9798 UofTTix Box Office 416-978-8849   Tallis Choir of Toronto brings to life the splendour of the Age of Discovery in its concert celebrating Portugal’s “golden age” of polyphony. The program’s centerpiece ... (Continue reading)

Cyril, Methodius and Valentine

cyril and methodius

Today in the universal calendar we celebrate the ninth-century monks and missionaries Saints Cyril and Methodius, patrons of Europe, who translated the Liturgy into slavonic, allowing for the conversion of untold thousands into the Church.  They have always been venerated as the 'Apostles to the Slavs', and Pope John Paul II declared them co-patrons of Europe, along with the great Saint Benedict. Of course, on this day we also celebrate Saint Valentine, a rather obscure 3rd century martyr, who has become ... (Continue reading)

Macbeth at OLSW


This weekend is OLSW's annual theatrical production, this year a new take on Shakespeare's immortal 1606 play Macbeth.  Be sure not to miss this event, which is always a crowd-pleaser! Performances will take place in St. Hedwig Catholic Church Hall at 35 Karol Wojtyla Square in Barry’s Bay on Friday and Saturday, 10 and 11 February, at 7:00 pm; and Sunday, 12 February, at 2:00 pm. Advance tickets are available from Lorraine’s Pharmasave or from the OLSW reception desk ... (Continue reading)

Mothers and Mosques

Mothers and Mosques

We keep hearing of ever-new insanities, as the academia-media complex tries to shape reality to fit its world-view:  Here we see that physicians in Britain have now been 'requested' never to refer to pregnant women as 'mothers'.  Not because the baby inside them may not be a baby (for, according to our schizophrenic laws, it is a baby if the 'mother' says it is, and not, if she says not), ... (Continue reading)

Good News for Our Lady Seat of Wisdom

OLSW logo

From Dr. Keith Cassidy, President of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom: We are pleased to announce that the Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development has agreed to allow Our Lady Seat of Wisdom to offer the degree of Bachelor of Catholic Studies. This consent is subject to certain conditions and is for an initial period of six years. From our viewpoint the most significant of these conditions is that over the next few years we undertake to develop pathways for ... (Continue reading)

A couple of postings for your perusal: On the quality of mercy, in the light of the great Shakespeare. And the young, politically active Alissa Golob's take on her visit to President Trump's inauguration and the March for Women.  We may not agree on all things, but different perspectives help at times. And, speaking of different perspectives, I personally enjoyed Father Rutler's take on, one might say gentle excoriation of, the naysayers against Donald Trump.  Politics, like much of life, ... (Continue reading)

Off on the Right Foot

The Trump presidency has started off on a most heartening note, with the new commander-in-chief signing back into effect the ‘Mexico City’ policy, removing all American funding of overseas abortions. This policy, first put into effect by Ronald Reagan, was rescinded by, yes, Bill Clinton, then put back by George  W. Bush, then rescinded again by Barack Obama, now...Well, the whole sorry business has been Trumped, and the day after the 44th anniversary of the infamous Roe vs. Wade ... (Continue reading)

Trump’s Mandate

trump inaug

Donald Trump was sworn in just before mid-day this morning, as the 45th President of the United States, launched into his new career with a prayer from Timothy Cardinal Dolan and other spiritual figures; as one article put it, the most prayer said at any inauguration, a good sign, and Trump is going to need all he can get. The America left after eight years of Obama is, to put it mildly, a fractious one, divided along many lines, with ... (Continue reading)

Here are a few articles of note, that I would recommend: Father Raymond on Amoris.   An excellent reflection on the current and likely future status of the controversial 'Chapter 8' of Amoris Laetitia. Hilary Mantel's on the Reformation.  Patricia Snow in First Things offers a very insightful analysis of Mantel's revisionist historical novel on the early Reformation, turning Thomas More into a priggish, hypocritical heretic-hater, while Thomas Cromwell is portrayed as the loving, loyal father figure ... (Continue reading)

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