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Scheer Wins


Andrew Scheer has won the election as leader of the federal Conservative Party, thankfully and rather surprisingly narrowly edging out front-runner Maxime Bernier, who would have been another bland pseudo-conservative disaster, stumbling around from one policy to the next (hello, Mr. Patrick 'who am I and what do I stand for?' Brown). Mr. Scheer, a practising Roman Catholic, father of five, who has a perfect voting record on life issues, promises hope for the future, pledging to unite 'fiscal' and 'social' ... (Continue reading)

More Martyrs in Egypt

From:  The

Sometimes, following Saint Philip Neri in his spirit of joy is a difficult one, as we hear of another Islamic attack, this time on a bus filled with Christians on a desert road, many of them children, en route to the shrine of Saint Samuel the Confessor, just south of Cairo.  The attackers sprayed the bus with bullets, killing at least 28 and wounding many others.  As always, we must pray for the victims but, even more, for the perpetrators. ... (Continue reading)

Today is one of the rare, if memory serves unique, days in the liturgical calendar wherein we celebrate three saints.  In chronological order, they are: Saint Bede, who is called the Venerable (672-735) a monk in early England who wrote a definitive and invaluable history of the Church in Britain, 'The Ecclesiastical History of the English People', which forms the basis of English history in general.  His calm and regular life, always peaceful and on time, as Bede prayed, worked and ... (Continue reading)

Massacre in Manchester

manchester bomb

ISIS has struck again, in the heart of Britain, as a suicide bomber detonated a ‘sophisticated’ device as young concertgoers were leaving an ‘Ariana Grande’ concert in Manchester. At least 22 have been killed, and dozens more injured. Details are of course still emerging, and in the meantime we must pray for the victims, for the eternal rest of those who have died, for healing for those who survived, and that God may have mercy on thei perpetrators of this ... (Continue reading)

Sad and foreboding news indeed from the University of Saint Thomas in Houston:  The administration has threatened within weeks to 'reorganize' or 'close' both the English and Philosophy departments, citing 'financial' considerations, an  unheard of, and, at face value, manifestly unjust situation. The University of Saint Thomas is not only one of the few holdouts in the move to streamline everything in the modern university into a functional S.T.E.M. focus (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), turning students into zombie-esque automatons ... (Continue reading)

Pope Benedict, Silence and Cardinal Sarah

benedict and sarah

I just came across a brief commentary by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, on Robert Cardinal Sarah's new book, The Power of Silence: Against the Dictatorship of Noise.  What the Pope Emeritus writes here will comprise an afterword in future editions, and I am very happy to see Benedict still writing from his seclusion, his mind sharp as ever. The principal point the Pope and Cardinal make is on the necessity of silence, so that we can listen to God, to hear ... (Continue reading)

Blessed Catherine of Saint Augustine

catherine of augustine

Blessed Catherine of Saint Augustine is listed as one of the 'six founders' of the Church in Canada, and I will offer the other six when I find out who they might be.  Saint Franҫois de Laval, whose feast we celebrated a couple of days ago on May 6th, must surely be one of them, the first episcopus of the vast diocese of 'Quebec' (even more extensive than Quebec is now). Catherine de Simon de Longpré, as she was born in ... (Continue reading)

Today's feast is that of the Apostles, Saints Philip and James.  Philip, the one who asked Christ that if they could only 'see the Father' they 'would be satisfied'.  Of course, following upon my comments on Athanasius yesterday, Christ was already way ahead of the Arians, replying to Philip patiently: 'He who has seen Me has seen the Father'.    Christ is God, made manifest in the flesh. 'James' is termed the 'Less', from a reference to him in Mark's Gospel, ... (Continue reading)

Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Receives Official Accreditation


Yesterday, May 1st, on the memorial of Saint Joseph the Worker, Our Lady Seat of Wisdom received official recognition from the government of Ontario to grant degrees, specifically the 'Bachelor of Catholic Studies'.  Providentially, the letter arrived three years to the very day that the application was first submitted, on the day dedicated to the dignity and value of human labour, exemplified in Saint Joseph and his divine foster Son. ... (Continue reading)

Today is a double memorial:  Saint Peter Chanel, who evangelized the island of Futuna, at at time when its residents had never heard of Christianity.  He was tireless and indefatigable in the midst of very difficult and discouraging conditions, and, like many martyrs, was already a saint before he was put to death. It seems that the King, Niuliki, was moved to jealousy when his own son desired baptism.  Like many rulers before and since, he thought that Christianity would ... (Continue reading)

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