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France’s Malaise

France's Malaise

Thus endeth another Easter Octave, the week of Sundays that the Church offers us to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, with another 40 days of slightly more subdued celebrations ('Easter weekdays') to follow.  That whole 'rising from the dead' really did change the whole world, and our view of it, which is why writing about the 'news', even  must always be put into perspective.  All things are passing, God never changeth, wrote the great Theresa of Avila.  So set your ... (Continue reading)

Easter, Popularity and Populism

thomas resurrection

I hope that all our readers are enjoying their 'week of Sundays' during this Easter Octave, every day a solemnity, to be celebrated with great joy.  We reflect liturgically in the weeks to follow the founding of the Church, the earliest days of Apostolic ministry, the miraculous spread of the faith within Israel and beyond, into the land of the 'Gentiles', eventually to Rome, where Saint Peter ended up, as Vicar of Christ.  To this day, the Bishop of Rome ... (Continue reading)

A very joyous and blessed Easter to all of your readers.  For the next fifty days, we rejoice in the Lord's resurrection from the dead, giving victory over that seemingly futile end of Man, and hope to all, in a sort of mirror-image to the mortifying nature of Lent. So, manducemus et bibamus, enim Christus resurrexit hodie! Alleluia! (Continue reading)

the Last Supper

A note to wish all our readers a very blessed and joyous Triduum, the holy 'Three Days', which really are, liturgically, one continuous Day, beginning this evening with the Mass of the Lord's Supper, followed by Good Friday and the salvific suffering and death of Our Lord, the peaceful quiet waiting of Holy Saturday, culminating in the glorious resurrection of Christ, God and Man, signifying our own future glorious rising with Him at the end of time and history, which ... (Continue reading)

As many expected, myself included, the Canadian Parliament voted Bill 84 into law the other day, without the hoped-and-fought for conscience protections.  As I heard from one physician at the forefront of this battle, the usual placatory assurances from various legislators mean little or nothing, for there is no protection for health care personnel in law.  The whole thing revolves around 'effective referral', that if you as a doctor or nurse are not willing to kill someone, you had better ... (Continue reading)

Another truck attack, this time in Sweden, where a 'lone wolf', as they are so euphemistically termed, plowed into an 'upscale' department store in Stockholm, killing four and injuring a number of others. The suspect tried to flee in a 'confusing' manner, was captured, and is now expected before a judge.  I wonder what his sentence will be in nice, socialist Sweden?  Of course, the usual brave slogans about 'we will ... (Continue reading)

Sacred Sounds – From Kyiv to Canada A celebration of Eastern and Western Christian choral music Sheptytsky Institute Choir with Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Schola (Barry’s Bay) Sunday, March 26, 3:00 p.m. Divine Infant Catholic Church, 6658 Bilberry Dr., Orleans Free parking. Refreshments to follow Tickets $20 (adults), $10 (students), free (children under 13) online, at the door, or reserved at or 613-236-1393 x2332 The Sheptytsky Institute Choir is a mixed choir of males and females founded in January, 2015 with singers of all ages ... (Continue reading)

Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Schola is singing Schubert's setting of a solemn High Mass at 11: 00 a.m. this Saturday, March 25th, at Saint Columbkille's cathedral in Pembroke, to celebrate the solemnity of the Annuciation. The celebrant will be one of OLSW's own alumni, Father Scott Murray. If you are in the area, please do feel free to join us in this beautiful and joyful celebration, joining ancient Liturgy, Gregorian chant, sacred polyphony ... (Continue reading)

The funeral for Monsignor Vincent Foy will be held this morning at 11:30 a.m. at Holy Family Parish, fittingly in the usus antiquior, the rite (or form) in which the good Monsignor celebrated Mass for most of his 77 years of priesthood. Please do peruse the review by Father Scott Murray of Rod Dreher's book The Benedict Option, which will be posted later today. However one applies the thoughts of Dreher, the principles are sound:  We Christians must take and apply ... (Continue reading)

Of True Feminism, Early Martyrs and Thomas Aquinas


The paradoxes continue in our modern era, not least of which is that concerning 'gender' and feminism, with two stories that come to mind: First, there is the sad and tragic Emma Watson, the child star of the Harry Potter series, Hermione, now all grown up, flashing her, ahem, bosom in a rather seductive way (what word does one use?) on the front cover of Vanity Fair. Ms. Watson, who last year hung out and went on a scooter ride with ... (Continue reading)

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