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September 2013 editorial cartoon

Sept editorial cartoon

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December 2013 editorial cartoon

Dec editorial cartoon

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April 2013 editorial cartoon

Apr editorial cartoon

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January 2013 editorial cartoon

Jan editorial cartoon

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When platitudes fail


The one thing the moderns will not trust a man to do is to conduct his own life. - G. K. Chesterton, Abolishing the Ordinary I have two books by Lord Baden Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts. The books are called Scouting for Boys and Rovering to Success. In these, Baden Powell gives advice to young men about the problems they will face in the world and how to achieve success. They are good books filled with little catch phrases ... (Continue reading)

Canadian errant

David Warren, former editor of the Idler and columnist for the Ottawa Citizen, now writes an “anti-blog” entitled Essays in Idleness at davidwarrenonline.com. He was born in Toronto in the old Dominion of Canada in 1953. "Canada Day” has again come upon us: as a redundant summer holiday for the young, and as a reminder to many who have achieved their half-century that their country is under foreign occupation. What could I possibly mean by that? For there are no soldiers in our streets ... (Continue reading)

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Nazi and Nazarene

FROM: RONALD KNOX, “NAZI AND NAZARENE” MacMillan War Pamphlets No. 5 London: MacMillan and Co. Ltd., 1940 We have to remember, besides, that the wedge method always makes compliance with the Government demands something less than a sacrifice of absolute principle; religion was taught, and is still taught, in the State schools where the parents demand it. It need hardly be said that an argument for compliance which was based on the existence of “facilities” in the State school was ill-founded. The wedge system ... (Continue reading)

The Vicar of Christ

FROM: THOMAS WILLIAM M. MARSHALL, “The Vicar of Christ” Protestant Journalism, No. XLVIII London: Burns and Oates, 1874 And when they cannot entice men openly to rebel against the Vicar of Christ, they try to impair their loyalty, to substitute cold acquiescence for generous devotion, and the “respectful silence” of the Jansenist, or the secret reserves of the Gallican, for the filial confidence of the true son. The great triumph of Satan is to produce a “liberal Catholic.” (Continue reading)

Quarterly Review for January 1873

FROM: ORESTES BROWNSON, “QUARTERLY REVIEW FOR JANUARY 1873” The Works of Orestes A. Brownson, Vol. XX Collected and arranged by Henry F. Brownson Detroit: H. F. Brownson, 1887 I am not willing that my name should go down to posterity with the slightest suspicion resting on it of disloyalty to the Church; not, indeed, that I care much for it on my own personal account, but for the sake of the Catholic cause, which I hold dearer than life, and which I would not ... (Continue reading)

The future of the Church

Michael Coren

I speak a great deal at Catholic and pro-life venues in Canada, the United States, and Britain. It’s perhaps the aspect of my professional life that gives me most pleasure—travel, meeting people, seeing the Church and the various moral struggles through the eyes and experience of others. Most of the men and women I meet are extraordinarily impressive, even inspiring. But there is—as they say—always one. Always one person who attends only to be offended and annoyed. And in a Toronto church ... (Continue reading)

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