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Bishop McGrattan

Bishop McGrattan

Bishop William McGrattan, formerly an auxiliary bishop from Toronto’s central district, was recently appointed by Pope Francis as Bishop of the Peterborough Diocese. On 9 April, I had the great privilege to meet the new bishop at his first press conference at his office in Peterborough where he was introduced by the newly retired Bishop De Angelis. Bishop McGrattan told us that he is a hockey fan, but added that he had to stop playing the game three years ago. When ... (Continue reading)

On seeing Christ


From the beginning Our Blessed Lord has been found only by two classes; those who know and those who do not know— but never by those who think they know. - Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen When Thomas was shown the wounds of Christ, he believed. He is popularly called Doubting Thomas because he refused to accept the first pope’s word that Christ had risen. Doubting what he was told, he insisted on being “shown the holes in his hands where the ... (Continue reading)

But ’twill take root and flourish

Weißwasser, Eishockey-Mannschaft

You may take the shamrock from your hat and cast it on the sod, But ’twill take root and flourish still, tho’ under foot it’s trod. from The Wearing of the Green by Dion Boucicault (1820-1890) For the past forty years, it has been easy to think that the Church has been diminishing, that the culture of life was being eroded by the popular culture of death, and that faith seemed to be slowly dying with the demise of an older ... (Continue reading)

In defence of the pope


The paper holds their folded faces to the floor And every day the paper boy brings more. - Roger Waters, 1973 Media expert Marshal McLuhan once wrote that he simply pointed out what was happening in the present; and because most people lived in the past, they thought he was being prophetic. McLuhan was a convert to the Catholic faith, and an authority on how the kind of media used to convey information alters the information itself. His most famous saying ... (Continue reading)

Double standards: the EU, seals, and abortion


Q. What are the sins that cry to heaven for vengeance? A. ...defrauding laborers of their wages. - Quebec Catechism, 1871 On 25 November 2013, the World Trade Organization (WTO) upheld the EU’s ban on seal products from Canada. The EU cites the reason for the ban is “public moral concerns over animal welfare. ... that seal hunting inherently leads to poor animal welfare outcomes because of the circumstances and difficulties of the hunt” (source). Canada’s seal ... (Continue reading)

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Food for thought

The Incarnation was made present to the world through Mary. On Christmas, Mary placed Our Lord in an animal feed trough, where he was seen by the local shepherds. One could not go to the Infant Christ at Bethlehem without Mary’s consent. As a young man, waiting for a sign to begin his public life, Mary introduced Our Lord to the world at a wedding, when she told those listening to do what He said, whereupon He made gallons of ... (Continue reading)

Rebuilding Catholic culture

This summer, Saskatoon hosted the first ever Rebuilding Catholic Culture Conference on 19 and 20 July. Keynote speakers were Catholic biographer Joseph Pearce and Saskatoon’s own Dr. Ryan Topping—from whose recent book, Rebuilding Catholic Culture (Sophia 2012), the event took its name. The event was the fruit of an entirely grassroots effort. Along with a few friends, one Saskatoon family—the Sidloskis—wished to offer to the local Christian community a weekend of fruitful learning and immersion in the riches of Catholic culture. ... (Continue reading)

Proclaim the truth

"Children are a grace that is given to a couple. ... We need signs among us that when we put God first, others second, and ourselves third, that it works." In the early part of the sixth century, St. Benedict, appalled by the immorality of Rome, left to pursue the Christian life in the desert. People flocked to Benedict to learn how to live as Christians. This began a movement that produced monasteries all over the west, saved Christendom by preserving ... (Continue reading)

Canadian errant

David Warren, former editor of the Idler and columnist for the Ottawa Citizen, now writes an “anti-blog” entitled Essays in Idleness at davidwarrenonline.com. He was born in Toronto in the old Dominion of Canada in 1953. "Canada Day” has again come upon us: as a redundant summer holiday for the young, and as a reminder to many who have achieved their half-century that their country is under foreign occupation. What could I possibly mean by that? For there are no soldiers in our streets ... (Continue reading)

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Hence the domestic household is antecedent, as well in idea as in fact, to the gathering of men into a community. - Pope Pius XI (Quadragesimo Anno) Families, be what you are. Pope John Paul II At the top of the last column of this magazine, there is a picture of a wooden sign with the words The Old Ship on it. Beneath the sign is an oak barrel with a block of cheese on top and an old double barrel shotgun ... (Continue reading)

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