Teens and modesty


We all know the story The Emperor's New Clothes. He believed he was wearing the finest clothing in the kingdom. He was at the forefront of fashion. He would be the envy of all who saw him. All his friends and advisors told him he "looked great." There was only one problem: he was naked, and only one small child had the courage to speak out and say what the rest knew. Thanks to TREnDS (Teens Reacting Effectively and Discovering Style), ... (Continue reading)

A gathering of dynamic women of faith


  There are days that stick out in your mind as being some of the best, most soul-inspiring, validating, joyful days you have ever witnessed. On the Saturday before Palm Sunday, I was given God's generous gift of one such day when I attended the Dynamic Women of Faith Conference in Toronto. The conference (which celebrated its fifth year) is the labour of love of founder, author, broadcaster, columnist, entrepreneur, mom, and wife—Dorothy Pilarski. I was invited to give a talk on ... (Continue reading)

“This is MY Body—But I Don’t Want It!”

From the CCBR blog. Fellow feminists, In case you haven't noticed, women (or "womyn," if you prefer) are immensely powerful. And I'm not just talking "Lady Macbeth" meets "Charlie's Angels." While there is something to be said about feminine beauty and strength, our power lies in the very thing that makes us fundamentally different from men. In case you need a reminder, it's that women have the extraordinary ability to help create and facilitate the development of another human being—inside her ... (Continue reading)

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