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L’Arche: A Beginning

In light of the upcoming parliamentary decision to be made concerning so-called 'euthanasia laws', we have decided to re-print over the next while a series of articles on the origins and philosophy of L'Arche, the community founded by Jean Vanier (the son of George Vanier, Governor-General of Canada from 1959-1967) to care for the disabled and marginalized, signifying that every life is worth living, with and for others.  These articles are written by the physician and veteran Therese Vanier, the ... (Continue reading)

The Middle Ages: The True ‘Gothic’

The Middle Ages:  The True 'Gothic'

Long ago, there was a surefire test by which to recognize a truly cultured person: anyone who could hear the William Tell overture without thinking of the Lone Ranger. One’s reaction to the word “mediaeval” is a similar sort of test for Catholics. You fail if “mediaeval” has for you connotations of ignorance and bigotry. Eric Hoffer, whose book The True Believer was popular a few yeas ago, expressed very well the mindless popular conception of the Middle Ages when ... (Continue reading)

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Marie of the Incarnation: A Canadian Mystic

marie of the incarnation

Marie de l’Incarnation: Études de théologie spirituelle by Pierre Gervais, S.J.:  A Review   Pierre Gervais is a Canadian-born Jesuit, professor of systematic, sacramental, and spiritual theology at the Institut d’Etudes Theologiques of Brussels as well as editor of the Nouvelle Revue Théologique. In his Foreword, Father Gervais explains the makeup of these “studies” or essays in spiritual theology based on the life and writings of Marie of the Incarnation (1599-1672), an Ursuline nun first of Tours (France) and then of Quebec. ... (Continue reading)

Of Romans and Mustard Seeds


If an early Christian had been asked to speculate where the centre of the Catholic Church on earth would end up, it's not inconceivable that he would have guessed Rome.   True, the savaging beasts and bloodthirsty crowds that beset him in that country may have made it seem an unlikely venue, but the early Christians appreciated paradox.  When you're aware that to die is to live, it is not unlikely that you could foresee the place of your persecution becoming ... (Continue reading)

A Catholic Parent’s Back to School Guide for Sexual Education in the Home

There are not as many parents jumping for joy this year as they get their children ready for going back to school. The new Ontario Sex Ed Program has done a lot to put a damper on things for Canadian parents. Some will decide to put their children in private schools where they can be assured of the teachings their children will receive, some will home school, some will decide to have their children removed from the sexual education part ... (Continue reading)

11th. Sunday: sacred liturgy


It is good to give thanks to the Lord, to sing praises to your name (Ps. 92). Our celebration of the Paschal Mystery in all its detail was completed in a sense, with the beautiful Feast of Corpus Christi, celebrated last Sunday and with the Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, celebrated this past Friday. In the Sacred Heart of Jesus, wounded for our sins we have a summary of our whole faith and the path of our discipleship. ... (Continue reading)

Saving the Church

Msgr. Foy

At the present time, in many countries the Church is in grave danger because of the contraceptive mentality and many other evils. To save the Church, many reforms are necessary. I am listing some suggestions for this purpose. Build a Culture of Life Father John Hardon SJ (died 30 December 2000) was surely one of the greatest theologians of the last century. Near the end of his life he gave a lecture entitled “The Greatest Moral Responsibility: to convert the Contraceptive ... (Continue reading)

Teens and modesty


We all know the story The Emperor's New Clothes. He believed he was wearing the finest clothing in the kingdom. He was at the forefront of fashion. He would be the envy of all who saw him. All his friends and advisors told him he "looked great." There was only one problem: he was naked, and only one small child had the courage to speak out and say what the rest knew. Thanks to TREnDS (Teens Reacting Effectively and Discovering Style), ... (Continue reading)

Managing Mammon

God's Bankers

  You can’t run the Church on Hail Marys. - Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, former head of the Vatican Bank A new book about the history of the Vatican’s finances confirms yet again that the handling of money—in both large and small amounts—is always a sticky business. This, of course, is a hard fact of life, one that all the popes have understood and hated—including Pope Francis, who has made it known that he despises the stuff he calls “devil’s dung” because of its potentially harmful impact on ... (Continue reading)

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Jean Vanier and the Way of the Heart


In Toronto, the disparity between rich and poor is graphically evident. There are the haves and the have-nots. Those who ride in limousines, dine at the best restaurants, and attend all the trendiest events. Then there are those who take care of them: the house cleaners, the taxi drivers, the mail carriers. Each set has their own role, and the two never meet as friends. Perhaps they simply do not have much in common. But in a world where people put up barriers—some social, ... (Continue reading)

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