The Virgin Mary of Smolensk

May cover

Our cover artist, Janusz Charczuk, was featured in our December 2012 issue. He is originally from Poland, where he graduated from the Technical University of Gdansk with a Master’s in Architecture. His studies encompassed the fine arts, including the principles of architectural forms, composition, freehand drawing, painting, sculpture, and the history of art. Janusz immigrated to Canada in 1985, where he worked as an architect, and began painting icons about fifteen years ago. His work, which is available for purchase, ... (Continue reading)

The Gates of Hell

April cover

Katerina Walker was born in Calgary, Alberta and is the oldest of four children. She attended a French school until grade four, when she began homeschooling. Homeschooling fostered her passion for art, literature, and history, and she continued studying liberal arts at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy, where she graduated with a concentration in History. She currently lives in Calgary with her husband Nathan and her dog, and is working for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. What is ... (Continue reading)



Our March 2014 cover artist, Joseph Ferrant, is the sixth of eight children. He is currently studying English and Theatre at Redeemer University and is a student at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom. He has been drawing for quite a long time, and has studied art formally at the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto. What is this piece about? As much as I would love to claim some sort of thematically deep ideal behind the work, it is pretty ... (Continue reading)

January Thaw, Bluffer’s Park, Lake Ontario


Francis Joseph Dvorak is an artist, art restorer and teacher. He studied philosophy at the University of Toronto, and painting in the atelier of Michael John Angel in Florence, Italy. He painted many commissioned murals and portraits, including the portrait of Cardinal Ambrozic, and Archbishop Spence of Kingston, Ontario. During the Year of the Family, his oil-tempera painting of the “Holy Family” was exhibited at the Royal Ontario Museum. Currently represented by John A. Libby Fine Art, Toronto, Francis is ... (Continue reading)



Our January artist, Justin Jensen, studied illustration at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. After graduation, he traveled through Europe and decided there was an amazing potential for beauty in art. He decided to continue studying painting at Colorado State University. He currently teaches online at RMCAD and is collaborating with a friend on illustrating a children’s book about the Eucharist. What is this piece about? This is a depiction of Zachariah—the father of St. John the ... (Continue reading)

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