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Sacred Sounds – From Kyiv to Canada A celebration of Eastern and Western Christian choral music Sheptytsky Institute Choir with Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Schola (Barry’s Bay) Sunday, March 26, 3:00 p.m. Divine Infant Catholic Church, 6658 Bilberry Dr., Orleans Free parking. Refreshments to follow Tickets $20 (adults), $10 (students), free (children under 13) online, at the door, or reserved at or 613-236-1393 x2332 The Sheptytsky Institute Choir is a mixed choir of males and females founded in January, 2015 with singers of all ages ... (Continue reading)

British Terrorism, Big Brother and M 103

big brother

Motion M-103 passed in the House of Commons this afternoon, by a margin of 201 to 91, meaning that there are 201 people in charge of legislation in this country who know not the meaning nor the purpose of human law (and many of them are, I presume, lawyers). Yes, the media are all clamouring that this is not technically a 'law', but rather a 'motion', and has no binding power, at least not yet, but that difference is somewhat ... (Continue reading)

Firefighters, Envy and the Public and Private Sector

public private

It is no secret that there is a war brewing between the public and private sectors of the economy, with their economic prospects diverging ever-more widely. As happens in many socialist regimes, the money and wealth produced by the latter are pouring ever-more freely into the coffers of the former.  Estimates across Canada now claim that those who work for the government (however broadly defined) earn between 18 and 37% more than those who do not, and that is ... (Continue reading)

Bill M-103 and the Abuse of Power via Language


(Parliament may effectively vote into law today with the third reading of Motion 103, which would be propaedeutic to making any criticism of Islam illegal, under the broad and vague notion of 'Islamophobia'.  I wrote of this recently, but the government's interference in the use of language is always a troubling sign, one that goes along with every dictatorial regime. But as John Paul II warned, 'a democracy without values quickly turns into a thinly disguised totalitarianism'.  The thoughts I ... (Continue reading)

Christ’s Sacrifice Was one of Redemption, Not Popularity


Dear Brothers and Sisters, This Sunday’s Gospel (cf. Jn 6:51–58) is the concluding part and culmination of the discourse given by Jesus in the Synagogue of Capernaum after he had fed thousands of people with five loaves and two fishes the previous day. Jesus reveals the meaning of this miracle, namely that the promised time had come; God the Father, who had fed the Israelites in the desert with manna, now sent him, the Son, as the true Bread of life; ... (Continue reading)

Idle, No More, Please

eric idle

Eric Idle, of Monty Python comedy troupe fame, has recently tweeted that 'climate change deniers' (one of the few groups remaining,  in this Disney-esque world-of-universal tolerance, upon which opprobrium can be piled without guilt) should be punished in an international court, and that such nefarious and recalcitrant malfeasants be 'put down gently'; one may suppose he means in the euthanistic sense. Mr. Idle, as those of a certain age or milieu may recall, is the same individual who played in ... (Continue reading)

Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Schola is singing Schubert's setting of a solemn High Mass at 11: 00 a.m. this Saturday, March 25th, at Saint Columbkille's cathedral in Pembroke, to celebrate the solemnity of the Annuciation. The celebrant will be one of OLSW's own alumni, Father Scott Murray. If you are in the area, please do feel free to join us in this beautiful and joyful celebration, joining ancient Liturgy, Gregorian chant, sacred polyphony ... (Continue reading)

Ite Ad Joseph

saint joseph

Saint Joseph was proclaimed the patron of this country at its very origins, by none other than Samuel de Champlain himself, on March 19, 1624, a choice later ratified by Pope Urban VIII.  Although Canada has gone through many trials, and seems to heading for many more, like his guidance of the Holy Family, Saint Joseph will see us through, one way or the other. It is a curious parallel in providence that the secondary patrons of this country, the ... (Continue reading)

The funeral for Monsignor Vincent Foy will be held this morning at 11:30 a.m. at Holy Family Parish, fittingly in the usus antiquior, the rite (or form) in which the good Monsignor celebrated Mass for most of his 77 years of priesthood. Please do peruse the review by Father Scott Murray of Rod Dreher's book The Benedict Option, which will be posted later today. However one applies the thoughts of Dreher, the principles are sound:  We Christians must take and apply ... (Continue reading)

The Flood, Arks, and Happy Monks

benedict option

  Fr. Scott Murray A review of The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians in a Post Christian Nation By Rod Dreher Penguin Group USA, 269 pages, $34 After moving to Rome for my seminary studies, one of the first trips I made was to the town of Norcia. I hardly knew anything about the place, except that it is the birthplace of Saints Benedict and Scholastica. Two of my classmates were planning a weekend camping trip in the mountains around Norcia, and they invited ... (Continue reading)

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